By Haley Bowers

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  • Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia.
  • He was born inside a mountain cave, in Mount Cyllene.
  • He has many brothers and sisters.
  • His Roman name is Mercury.
  • He lives in Olympus.

What Hermes Does as a God

  • Hermes is the god of many things such as: herds and flocks, travel, herdsman and shepherds, trade, and trickery/thievery.
  • He is fast and clever.
  • He is Zeus's and Hades' messenger.
  • Hermes guides the dead to the underworld for Hades.


  • The most famous story is Baby Hermes & the Theft of Apollo's Cattle
  • When Hermes is just a few hours old he jumps out of his crib and goes on an adventure. He stumbles upon Apollo's cattle and takes them backwards to a cave. When Apollo finds out, he is furious and confront Hermes about it. Baby Hermes pleads innocent. Apollo knows the truth and takes him to Zeus to punish him. Zeus is amused and makes him tell Apollo where the cattle are. When they get to the cattle Hermes starts playing the lyre he invented and Apollo loves the music. Apollo lets Hermes keep the cattle in exchange for his lyre.

  • Hermes & the Lazy Nymph Chelone
  • Zeus and Hera are getting married and Zeus orders Hermes to travel all around the world to tell every person, god, and animal to be there. Everybody comes to the wedding except one, Chelone. Hermes flies to her and punishes her by turning her into a tortoise.

  • Hermes appears in many myths.


  • Guide of Souls
  • Radiant One
  • Quick Silver
  • Messenger
  • Keeper of Flocks
  • Bringer of Glad Tidings

Sacred Plants

Sacred Animals


Divine Children

  • Hermaphroditos - He/she was a hermaphrodite, the son of Hermes and Aphrodite.
  • Pan - The goat-footed god of shepherds.

Mortal Children

  • Autolykos - Thief who could change the shape of objects by touching it
  • Odysseus - From the Odyssey