Causes of the American Revolution

Oh Oh, The colonists are here.-Britain

Taxation without representation.

The British would charge more taxes to the colonists.This made them really angry since they didn't have a voice in the government. They felt like they weren't respected by the British. This led to war because they knew that they were also English citizens, and they also knew that they needed a voice in government.

Proclamation of 1763

-Following the French/Indian War. A law which prohibited settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains.

-Intended to reduce conflict with native Americans.

-Colonists viewed this as another attempt to reinforce control over them by the British.


-Economic policy that colonies should support parent country (provide raw materials, purchase finish goods). This was during the 1700's.

-Britain enforced laws that taxed and controlled colonial trade. Also known as The Navigation Acts.

Intolerable Acts

-New British laws to punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party.

-Closed Boston Harbor until Massachusetts colonists paid for the ruined tea.

-Also called Coercive Acts.

Causes of the American Revolution Video:

Questions About The Video:

1. What made the colonists angry?

2. What was the Boston Massacre?

3. What was the Boston Tea Party?

Political Cartoon

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This political cartoon shows how the colonists were angry at all the taxes. It represents how they were against all the Acts the British made for the colonists to pay. It mentions every single Act that the British passed.

Questions that you could answer thanks to the website:

1. What was the American Revolution?

2.When did the war start?

3. Who were the colonists fighting against?