An Interview with Mrs.Cromer

By Lauren Rydell

All about Cherisa Cromer

Mrs.Cromer went to Ouachita University. She has her Bachelors Degree in "Musical Theatre". She teaches begging treble choir, men's choir, advanced choir, and show choir. She teaches grade levels 9-12. She used to teach at the middle school. Mrs.Cromer has been teaching for ten years.
Mrs.Cromer puts in about 40 hours per week. Sometimes even more if there is a concert or competition that week. She said the hours might be long but it's all worth it. Her biggest challenges she has faced as a choir teacher was having to work with Middle Schoolers. She had said that the advanced choir wasn't bad but the 6th grade choir was bad. Another challenge she said is paperwork and budgeting.

I asked her on a scale of 1-10 how much self-motivation is needed, she told me a 10. Everything that happens for choir is pretty much all from her. I asked her what her biggest reward from teaching was and she said when she can see a kids confidence.

I asked her what one rule she wanted all her students to follow and she said , to believe in yourself. She told me "if you don't have the confidence and the courage to believe in yourself, it will be extremely difficult for you in choir". I personally agree that you should believe in yourself in all that you do.

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