My Favorite Vacation

Lake City, Colorado, Summer 2014


"Splash!" I dunk my hands into the icy cool, crystal clear water. The chill from the water seems to go up my spine. I take a deep breath...

"Brooke, Brooke! Wake up!" I wake up and frown once I realize that I'm not at the pond I saw two years ago. Then, I look out the window and smile again. I see what I have waited so long to see. I see soaring mountains, rolling hills and thousands of aspen trees roaring past us as we enter the place I have waited years to see again. Colorado.

About 2 or 3 hours later, I see lake San Christobol. That means about thirty seconds and I'd be at my cabin! That night I lay awake in my bed, waiting for the sun to come up. Finally, I just get out of bed , careful not to wake my sister, grab my iPad and text Lauren. Eventually I fall asleep.

Day two and I am ready. We unload the four wheelers from the trailer and drive to the first ghost town. It's so cool! There are so many old buildings and I found out so much about the town and how it was built! After a long day, we head home, eat and get ready for bed.

In the morning we loaded the kayaks into the back of my grandpa's truck. Lauren and I rode in the truck bed to hold on to the paddles life jackets and kayaks. When we got to the river, I was freaked out and super excited all at the same time. I had only kayaked on calm water before and this river was moving fast! I knew that I would have a hard time controlling my kayak. Surprisingly I didn't flip my kayak and I had tons of fun!

On Thursday we rode we rode the four wheelers up the mountains again and we had a snowball fight in the middle of July! We also went white river rafting. It was amazing! There are no words to describe how awesome this day was!

We went into town on Friday we looked at souvenirs and t shirts. We also took our bikes to try out the new skate park. While the boys did that, Lauren and I went on the River Trail. We ride on that trail every year! After that we all went for ice cream and got root beer floats. It's the best float you will ever taste!

It's those little things that made this vacation the best so far!

Extra Info

  1. I went on my vacation with my grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, two cousins, two step cousins, their friend, my mom and dad and sister.
  2. It took us two whole days to arrive
  3. We left on the forth of July.

Friday, July 4th, 7am to Saturday, July 12th, 10am

Lake City, CO, United States

Lake City, CO