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Heather Smith & Adriane Reinelt

March 24, 2016

Classroom Calendar

Please click on the button link to view our classroom calendar for important events.

Classroom Photo Album

Click on button link to view our growing Classroom Photo Album.

P/T Conferences & Portfolios

If possible, please arrive early for your P/T Conference so that you have the opportunity to view your child's Story of Learning Portfolio before the conference. The portfolio will be located in a black crate right outside our classroom door. The first page in the portfolio is your child's self-reflection about his/her learning journey thus far in 3rd grade. Please take time to reflection about your child's growth through the portfolio.

We look forward to meeting with all of our families next week.

M-Step Testing Dates

Our 3rd grade M-Step state assessment will take place in April:
  • Monday, April 25 - English Language Arts
  • Wednesday, April 27 - Math

If possible, please try not to schedule appointments on those days that result in your child's absence from school. If an absence is required, your child will complete missed testing on a scheduled make up day within that week.

Thank you for your support!

March is Reading Month- March Reading Madness

Learning Buddies: During our buddy time on Thursday, we colored and decorated book marks to use for the remainder of March. Ask your student to show you theirs! They looked very nice.

Leaders of the Week - Chloe & Jacqueline

We have all been honored as Leader of the Week for this school year. Moving forward we will be honoring two students each week to represent our Leaders of the Week. In addition to the leadership of leading Community Circle, our leaders will publish a review on our weekly newsletter highlighting one of the 7 Habits.

Reading- Poetry

Unit 5 Poetry: Readers continued to look deeper into poetry this week by examining poems to find the mood and main idea. This was tricky but readers did a great job! Readers also learned about two new literary devices: alliteration and onomatopoeia. I am very pleased with how readers are practicing reading poems with power during reader's workshop.

Reading Home Learning Conversation: Ask your reader to explain the meaning of alliteration and onomatopoeia. Also ask them to give examples of each

Writing- Persuasive Essay

Unit 3 Persuasive Writing: Writers have almost all wrapped up their final draft. I am proud of all of the hard work our writers have put into their final draft! I cannot wait to read them.

We also have been working on a student reflection sheet for conferences. Students are excited for you to see what they wrote about how they are doing as a learner!!

Writing Home Learning Conversation: Celebrate with your writer that they have completed a third writing unit this year! Our writers are really making a lot of progress.

Word Study

This week we studied our words by playing a game. This was a very fun way to practice our sort!

Our test was on Thursday. Expect to see graded tests returned early next week.

Word Study Home Learning Conversation: Ask your student to discuss how they felt they did with the test this week. What could they have done differently or continue to do the same?

Science - Sound Music Performance

Physical Science - Sound

We enjoyed creating our music videos depicting our understanding of volume and pitch. Our videos will be ready to share next week.

Science Home Learning Conversation: Have your scientist share his/her music video with you when it's available next week.

Math - Measuring Area

Unit - Measurement, Perimeter & Area

We have begun a unit on measuring area and perimeter. We've been building area models using 1 inch squares and recording our models on 1 inch grid paper. We have made the connection that area models are similar to multiplication arrays and that the rows multiplied by the number in each row (similar to finding the area of length multiplied by width) will provide the area of that object...just like a multiplication array. View the video to see similar area models that we've been building at school.

Math Home Learning Conversation: Visit our Classroom Photo Album (see the link at the top of the newsletter) and have your mathematician share the picture of his/her Mega Area Model and explain how area of the object was measured .

Area of a Rectangle

Math Fact Fluency - 100% by June

Continue to have your mathematician practice his/her basic facts for at least 10 minutes each night. Your child may practice facts in any one of the following ways:
  • card games
  • flashcards
  • online games
  • board games
  • etc...

Please refer to your child's Math Fact Progress Chart in his/her Story of Learning Portfolio to practice the appropriate operation. Your child should master addition first, followed by subtraction, and then multiplication.

It is expected that 3rd grade mathematicians master with 100% accuracy addition and subtraction basic facts by June. Mastery of multiplication facts is not expected in 3rd grade as multiplication is an introductory concept. Mastery of multiplication facts is a 4th grade expectation. However those students who have mastered addition and subtraction will work towards beginning master of multiplication facts.

Addition and subtraction fact progress is monitored through XtraMath.org and can be completed at home or at school. Your child's process can be viewed by logging on to XtraMath.org or by viewing the Math Fact Progress Chart in the portfolio.

Leader in Me- Habit 5 Seek First to Understand, Than to be Understood

Leaders finalized their personal mission statement. We look forward to you reading them when you come to conferences next week!

Leader in Me Home Learning Connection: Ask your leader who they said they would focus on listening to more this month. Encourage them to continue to keep this focus for the last few weeks of March