Ninth Grade News

Week of May 3

Dear Daniel Ninth Families,

We have a lot of important and exciting events planned for this week! Please see below for important dates!

AP Testing

Tuesday: The AP Human Geography Test is scheduled for Tuesday, May 4 beginning at 12:00 p.m. These testers will eat an early lunch and then report to their testing locations at 11:45 a.m.


Wednesday: The Algebra I STAAR EOC Test will be administered on Wednesday, May 5. Students will report to their testing locations at 8:30 a.m. with a start time of approximately 9:00 a.m. This is a four-hour test and students will be released to lunch or 4th-period classes once the testing session is concluded.

*Note - students who are not enrolled in Algebra I this school year will participate in Biology extension activities with our Biology teachers while the testing session is in progress.

Thursday: The Biology I STAAR EOC Test will be administered on Thursday, May 6. Students will report to their testing locations at 8:30 a.m. with a start time of approximately 9:00 a.m. This is a four-hour test and students will be released to lunch or 4th-period classes once the testing session is concluded.

Special Topics Friday:

Several weeks ago, we asked our freshman students what they would like to learn. They had such great and thoughtful responses that we planned an entire learning day to support their requests! Today in advisory classes, students signed up for special topic sessions to attend this Friday, May 7 that were of particular interest to them. A sampling of the sessions that will be offered include:

  • How to apply for scholarships
  • What it takes to go D1
  • How to write in cursive
  • How to write calligraphy
  • How to prepare a resume
  • How to change a tire
  • Cake Decorating
  • Managing Stress
  • Money Management (how to pay taxes, how to open a checking acct.)
  • Emergency Care
  • Time Management
  • Study Habits

Ask your student what sessions they are interested in attending this Friday!

We are thankful for your partnership and are looking forward to Growing Greatness this week!


Carolyn Ansley, Principal

Staff Spotlight

Mrs. Lisa Dansie - Instructional Aide/CM

A graduate of BYU with a B.A. in Communications/Public Relations, Mrs. Dansie is new to our campus this year and oversees our Content Mastery Resource Center. She strives to make a meaningful difference in individual kids’ lives. Her favorite thing about DNG is the sense of teamwork. When not working, she enjoys reading, walking, and playing the piano - and she would love to vacation in New Zealand! She’s lived in Italy for 2 years and Canada for 7 years. If she had a superpower, she would have the gift of healing.

Freshman Awards Ceremony

We are planning an awards ceremony to celebrate our students' accomplishments this year! Students receiving awards will attend the ceremony and we will notify those parents and share details of the event within that notification. The awards ceremony is scheduled for May 12, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at Bearcat Stadium.

FM 5 Closure Update

Due to the rain last week, the FM 5 closure near the new Annetta Elementary will continue through this week. The stretch of road being worked on must dry out before the final steps of tying in Learners Lane can be completed.

As this is extending beyond the originally planned closure, we are aware that this causes a significant inconvenience for members of our community. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We will communicate an update to you as soon as we have more information.

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Registration for the 2021-2022 School Year is Now Open!

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year will open on Monday, April 19. This is for all students, returning or new, in all grades. If you’ve lived in the district for at least a couple of years, you’ll remember we typically send home a commitment form for you to fill out in the spring to let us know if your child will be returning, and then you complete registration during the summer months. Because we are such a fast-growth district, completing registration now will help us know which students are returning next year so we can reserve that spot for your student and also staff appropriately for their campus. You can find information for registering all other students at

Monday, May 3

  • Advisory Day

Tuesday, May 4

  • AP Human Geography Exam
  • Modified Bell Schedule due to Testing

Wednesday, May 5

  • Algebra I STAAR EOC

Thursday, May 6

  • Biology I STAAR EOC

Friday, May 7

  • Modified Schedule to Accommodate Special Topics Learning Day
  • Students will attend 1st, 4th, and 7th period classes as regularly scheduled.
  • 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th periods will be scheduled for student choice or study hall to make up missing assignments as needed.
  • Track & Field State Meet in Austin
  • Area Softball vs. Burleson Centennial @Weatherford, 6:30 pm
  • Varsity Baseball vs. Northwest @Brewer, 7:00 pm (game 1)

Saturday, May 8

  • Track & Field State Meet in Austin
  • Area Softball vs. Burleson Centennial @Cleburne, 3:00 pm
  • Varsity Baseball vs. Northwest @Brewer, 12:00 pm (game 2) 3:00 pm (game 3)

Mark Your Calendar!

May 3-7: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4: AP Human Geography Exam

May 5: Algebra I STAAR EOC

May 6: Biology I STAAR EOC

May 12: Freshman End of Year Awards Ceremony, 9 AM - 11 AM

May 12: National School Nurse Day

May 17: School Holiday

May 27: Last Day of School/Early Release

June 22-25: STAAR Re-Testing Dates

Summer Acceleration Courses

If your student is interested in Summer Acceleration Courses through Aledo I.S.D., please visit our counselor web page to learn more. You will find a video, explaining the courses offered and process for registering, as well as the link to all of the necessary forms:

Dress Code

As the weather warms up, we tend to have more dress code violations. Please make sure your student follows these guidelines:

  • Shorts & Skirts must be mid-thigh
  • Midriff may not be exposed
  • Hats are not permitted in the building
  • Tank top straps must be at least 2 inches in diameter (no spaghetti straps)
  • Undergarments may not be exposed

Thank you for your support!

Lunch Deliveries

Our campus is closed to all visitors. We do not allow food to be brought or delivered to campus by anyone or by any restaurant. If your student forgets his/her lunch, we are instructing students to buy lunch from the cafeteria for that day. We are a closed campus and encourage parents to allow students to go through the day without their forgotten items unless it is an emergency situation.

VOE Forms

Applying for a Learner License

Your student will need to provide evidence that they are a student enrolled in a public, private, or home school and have been attending school for at least 90% of the time. A VOE form is issued by our office.

To Request a VOE Form:

  1. Your student will scan the QR code in the front office.
  2. They will need to complete the linked Google form.
  3. The VOE will be available the following day and can be picked up at the front office. The form will need to be signed by your student and witnessed by office staff.

School Picture Information

  • Proofs have been emailed from Glamourcraft.
  • Click then click "Order Online, Pk-11," and enter the code you were emailed.
  • All packages will be shipped directly to your home and are 100% guaranteed.
  • In order to ensure you will receive your package, please verify that your home address is correct when you purchase
  • If you did not receive an email, please contact Glamourcraft at 817-923-9901.

Click on the Picture Below to Nominate an Outstanding DNG Staff Member!

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Updated School Calendar

The Aledo ISD Board of Trustees approved an updated 2020-2021 Instructional Calendar in December, adding two new teacher workdays/student holidays in the Spring semester.

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Student Devices and Chargers

Even during in-person learning students will be working in Canvas and using other online tools. Please have your student bring his or her device and charger daily.

COVID Health and Safety Reminders

As we move into cold and flu season and begin to see an uptick in positive COVID-19 cases amongst our students and staff, please be reminded of the health and safety protocols in Aledo ISD's Return to Learn Plan:

  • Parents of all students must screen children for symptoms and take the temperature of each of their children before their child attends school every day. Students who have an elevated temperature above 100.4 OR have any COVID-related symptoms must report the symptoms to their campus nurse and stay home. Please do not send students to school with symptoms. For Daniel Ninth Grade, our nurse is Danielle Barnes (

  • All students shall wear face coverings at all times while on Aledo ISD property that social distancing, maintaining six feet of distance, is not possible. Face coverings should cover both the nose and mouth of the user.

Aledo ISD COVID-19 Dashboard

Aledo ISD is tracking COVID-19 cases within our school Community. To do this we need your help – if your child ever tests positive for COVID-19 or shows symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or has close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please click this link to complete our AISD COVID Reporting form. Our data will only be as accurate as what is reported to us. Please help us keep our entire community healthy and safe by providing this information as soon as it becomes known to you. To view the Aledo ISD COVID Dashboard, please click here.

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How do I request for my student to move to remote learning?

How do I check my student out for an appointment or early release?

Daniel Ninth Grade Campus is currently closed to visitors. We understand at times, however, it may be necessary for you to pick up your student for an appointment. Please allow for a few extra minutes when picking up your student as we are using a new check out system and have new processes in place. We kindly ask that you follow these procedures when picking up your student:

  1. Pull up to the student pick up/drop off area in front of our main doors.
  2. Once you enter the building, please remain in the lobby area. Our office staff will greet you and ask to scan your ID. You can also call our office at 817-441-4504 to let us know you are here. If it is during a passing period, we ask that you please wait outside until the students have exited the building.
  3. We will then call your student’s teacher to notify them that you are here to pick them up.

How do I report a student absence?

Thank you, parents, for doing a great job of communicating student absences with our office staff and for keeping your child home when they are not feeling well.

If your child is sick or will not be at school for any other reason, please call the school at

(817) 441-4504 or email Sarah Hill at to report an absence.

Any student or staff who tests positive for COVID-19 or shows symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or has close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please complete the AISD COVID-19 Reporting Form.

How do I request a district device?

Your child will need access to a laptop or Chromebook in order to complete assignments in Canvas both at home and school. Please visit the following link if you would like to learn more about checking out a Chromebook from the Aledo ISD Technology Department:


The cafeteria breakfast and lunch menu can be found HERE.

Student ID Cards

Students may use their ID's to purchase food in the cafeteria. Please remind your student to keep their card in a safe place.

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Ascender Student Portal

1. Go to the Aledo ISD home page and click on Parents and Students at the top of the page. Then click on Student Portal Link on the left side of the page. (You can also go to the link directly:

2. Click on Create Account

3. Enter your student ID number, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.