The Hunger Games

Betsy Reyes

Story Elements

The Hunger Games take place in North America during the future. The main conflict in the story is knowing who will survive this years annual Hunger Games. The book begins with innocent boys and girl from ages 12-18 being force to fight for their lives. in order to know who wins and who dies, you need to read this book to find out!

Character Analysis

The main character is Katniss Everdeen. Three words to describe the main character are, brave, intelligent, and fearless, these three words are perfect for her because Katniss is a person who is really brave, she had enough courage to take her sisters place to become a tribute and risk her live. The character is motivated by her family, she wants to see her mom and sister Prim once again. Katniss will like to win so Rue will know she won. Since Peeta is in the same District as Katniss, she wanted to save him so they can both survive.


The theme of the novel is, never give up in life and don't doubt yourself. One example that supports the theme is, Peeta's mom doubt that his son wasn't good enough to be one of the tributes. Another example is, Katniss never gave up and tried her very best to survive. A third example from the book is, Katniss and some of the tributes were capable of doing what they thought they couldn't do. A final example that supports the theme is,, at the end, only two tributes that thought they weren't going to make it, survived and won the games.


I give this book a 9 because, through out the book it kept me wanting to keep reading and figure out who survives and who doesn't. It also showed how much courage and bravery most of the tributes have to survive through out the games. I don't think teens can relate to this book because, this takes place in the far future and most of the things that happened in the book might not happen in real life unless things change in the future and countries actually allow kids/teens fight for their lives.
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