Welcome Back HCS Employees

We Educate, We Empower, We Maximize ... #WeAreHWD

Last year, we dreamed big! We dreamed about the future of our schools, all that we would accomplish as professionals, and about the endless possibilities for our students. At Institute last year we looked at the history of Homewood to see how visionaries had big dreams for this system in the 1970s, and we challenged each other to set new dreams for the future student body of Homewood City Schools.

This summer we hope that you have had time to relax and reflect on your goals for the 2019-2020 school year.

On August 12th a new set of students will enter our schools and walk into your classroom, cafeteria, library, office, etc. They will have a fresh start and so will you. This will be the first day and first opportunity you have to make a difference in someone’s life.

You could be the reason why someone dreams big this year! And you could be the reason why our students are able to maximize their potential.

Homewood City Schools is what it is today because strong leaders had a strong vision, and that was to bring exemplary staff to our system to enrich the lives of students. You are here for a reason, you are here to make a change in students’ lives...you are Homewood!

Use the hashtag #WeAreHWD throughout the year on social media to show everyone what makes Homewood so great – our schools, students, and community!

Information you will find in this newsletter: Teacher Orientation, Institute, Back to School Workdays, Employee Contact Form, Password Changes, EAP, Employee Badges, Construction Update, Special Edu Instructional Assistants’ PD, Safe and Healthy Homewood (Ci3T), HCS Foundation Grants, HCS App, Teacher Book Study, & Employee Park Memberships

Construction Update

It has been a busy summer for HCS' facilities! Here is an update on what has been happening in your schools this summer:

- What Happened This Summer -

Edgewood: Cafeteria expansion, kitchen renovation, new library carpet, and roof upgrades

Hall - Kent: New carpet in the media center & roof upgrades

Shades Cahaba: Cafeteria expansion, kitchen renovation, and new library carpet

Homewood Middle: Construction was completed last year with an addition of six new classrooms and a multipurpose facility

Homewood High: Cafeteria expansion, kitchen renovations, science lab renovations, library renovations, updated corridor flooring and paint

- What Will Happen This School Year -

Edgewood: 4 classroom additions

Hall-Kent: 6 classroom additions

Homewood High School: Additional classrooms, new front office (facing Lakeshore Drive), new athletics and fine arts wings, instillation of a 60 yard turf field, and new visitor parking lot

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this process!

Special Education Instructional Assistants

Wednesday, Aug. 7th, 8am

1114 Oxmoor Road

Birmingham, AL

All Special Education Instructional Assistants will attend Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) training at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church on Wednesday & Thursday, August 7th & 8th. Please check your email for more specific information!

Safe and Healthy Homewood (Ci3T)

Whether it’s “Best Me,” “Shades Cahaba Way,” or “Patriot Pride,” all five schools are poised and ready to enter year 3 of implementing our Safe and Healthy Homewood plans with renewed enthusiasm and focus! 2019-20 school-based leadership teams are in place and ready to lead faculty and staff in the continued growth and implementation of our 3-tiered model of prevention and support to meet the academic, social/emotional, and behavioral needs of our students. We’ll be ready to hit the ground running with teaching expectations, using positive reinforcement, and identifying needs for additional support.

HCS Foundation Grants

The Homewood Schools Foundation Grant is new-and-approved for the 2019-2020 school year!

This year, the Foundation is pleased to offer teachers a choice of 3 distinct grant applications based on the type of request being made:

1. Teachers Resource Grant: supports existing programs and initiatives in the classroom.

2. Classroom Innovation Grant: enhances innovation, creativity, & flexibility for students.

3. The Dr. Betty Winches Professional Learning Grant: provides funds to cover all expenses for conferences, workshops, or consultants for teachers.

Many of you began working on your grants during the July professional learning days. Completed grant applications are due by August 31st. Grants will be awarded at the beginning of October.

Please contact Dr. Chappell with any questions.

Download the HCS App!

Go to the App Store or Google Play on your device and download our app!

  • Allow the app to send you notifications so you don’t miss messages sent from HCS & your school
  • Then under App Setup, select Find My Location or Choose From List
  • Select the schools you would like to receive notifications from in the app

    • All District-Wide notifications will be received in the app

  • Click Finish


  • When you click on an event, you can “Add to device calendar” to place the event on your phone’s calendar

    • You will only see district events and events from the schools you follow


  • When the district or the schools you are following sends a notification, you will be able to read them here

Activity Stream:

  • This is where you will find updated posts from social media, websites, and notifications from the district and the schools you are following


  • This will take you to the MealViewer app so you can view HCS breakfast and lunch menus

  • The app will direct you to set up your app account to view menu information


  • You can go to Settings anytime to change the schools you are following or to change the app’s language

Homewood Public Library: Teacher Book Study

The Homewood Public Library is offering a monthly "teacher book study" this school year. Each month the library will focus on a children's or young adult book around the theme of social justice.

Each month's offering will have 2 dates from which to choose - an afternoon right after school or later in the evening. Teachers could go to one, some, or all, as their time and interest dictated.

This is all strictly an optional opportunity offered as a service by our community library - but we will give PD hours for teachers who wish to participate. Teachers who have questions should contact the library.

Park Memberships for HCS Employees

Homewood City Schools' full time employees living in the city limits of Homewood receive a free membership to Homewood Parks and a $40 rate per additional household member. Full time employees that are non-residents of Homewood can purchase a membership for $40 a year.

Homewood Parks & Recreation Board defines a "household" as 2 Adults (23+ years of age & 2nd adult must be spouse and/or partner of 1st adult) and dependent children age 22 & under residing in the same household. Children 3 years & under are free of charge but will be issued a membership card for admittance to facilities. When signing up for a membership, mention you are a HCS employee. If you are not listed on the Parks employee list, please contact hbe@homewood.k12.al.us.

The park membership flyer is attached below.