Middaugh's Minutes

Week of September 22, 2014


Thursday, October 2nd- First Book Talk is due

Thursday, October 2nd- Picture Day

Tuesday, October 7th- Native American Project is due

Friday, October 24th - No School/Teacher Planning Day

Classroom Updates

Book Talks: Book Talks are short presentations (no more than 5 minutes in length that are intended for sharing about books we love with our peers while learning about different genres! Book Talks provide a “snapshot” of a book that highlights the plot, setting, characters, theme and main idea. Through sharing about the books we read, students deepen their understanding of literary elements and presentation skills while being exposed to a wide variety of literature!

Month, Genre- Due Date

September, Your Choice!- Thursday, October 2

October, Biography or Autobiography-Thursday, November 6

November,Historical Fiction - Thursday, December 4th

December, Non-Fiction- Thursday, January 8th (after break)

January, Mystery- Thursday, February 5th

February, RealisticFiction- Thursday, March 5th

March, Poetry - Thursday, April 2nd

April, Fantasy or Science Fiction- Thursday, April 30th

May/June, Your Choice!- Thursday, May 28th

Curriculum Updates


Finding Main Idea and Deals, Understanding Historical, Technical, and Scientific Text, Summarizing Informational Text, Supporting Inferences About Informational Text

Test Will be Thursday, October 16th.

Read 4 or More:

The expectation at TCE is that students are reading 4 or more nights per week. The reading can be from another subject textbook (Sci./S.S.), the assigned reading HW, or something of your student's choosing. Students' reading logs will be checked weekly.


4.OA.2.4.a – factors and multiples

4.NBT.2.5 – 2, 3, 4 digit multiplication by 1 digit.


Opinion Writing


Sentence, fragments, prepositions, run-ons


Spelling tests will be given in 4th grade, but not taken as a grade. Instead students will earn their star on the 4th grade Hall of Fame Spelling Superstars Wall. All words to be tested will be listed in the HW binder. This week will be the fourth column of words.



Chapter – How are Rocks Alike and Different?

Test will be on Wednesday, October 1st.

Social Studies

Chapter 2 – Florida's Early History

Please note that all Social Studies quizzes are given OPEN-BOOK. We are encouraging students to go back to the text to find answers, or details that support answers.

Test will be on Wednesday, October 8th