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I would suggest seeing a Christmas by Charles Dickens because when you watch the play everything is more realistic. For example the ghosts they would have a dramatic entrance. They would also have different costumes then everyone else. Another reason I would do you see the place because messages from way they set up the props then other ordinary please including how we have after's take/off on the props. But in conclusion I would see a Christmas Carol because it's more interesting seeing it acted out with props and costumes are just reading the book.


I think one thing Scrooge had to sacrifice was when he gave all of his money to people and family's because scrooge likes his money and not people and for him to give his money to other people was a change.

One thing i sacrificed before is giving my sister all of my Halloween candy because my parents said they wouldnt buy candy untill the end of the next month cause we already had enough and i hade no sweets.