Multiplication Madness

An 8-year old's fascination with Multiplication problems

Who am I??

My name is Delynda Gonzalez and I am an 8-year old mathematician. I love multiplication. It's my favorite topic in Math class. Multiplying makes counting and solving problems so much easier. I love the repetition of patterns in numbers and the cool time tables songs. I also like the challenge when I'm solving problems.

Different ways to multiply

At school we use all kinds of methods to solve multiplication problems.There are many different ways you can solve a multiplication problem. Some of these include repeated addition, arrays, skip-counting and using a multiplication chart. Memorizing sometimes helps too, but it's important to know what the problem actually means or represents. We can even draw little pictures and show our work to make sure we get the answers right.

I'm here to help

If you are a second grader or third grader and you need help with your multiplication tables, I can help you!!!
The Multiplying Multiplication Song !!!