Attributes and Barriers

Lisa Rowland- Assignment 1



Technical Knowledge-
It helps if you know some technical knowledge so you know what the employer is talking about when they speak in technical terms.

Health and Safety- The Employee must know about health and safety in the workplace this makes the employer think that you are the best person for the job and so the employer sees that you are cautious.

Working Attitudes- The employee must have a positive working attitude over wise the employer might think you are not excited about working and that it is boring and dull. Being positive makes people smile so having a rubbish attitude will make people feel down.


Punctuality- Arrive on time and are rearing to work. It is important as it shows an employer that you are serious about your work.

Team Working- You are able to work as part of a team. Employers love this as you show you work well with others.

Planning Skills- You are able to plan ahead and look to planning things for the future. Planning Skills help you keep on track of everything.

Time Management- You never run over on tasks and never arrive late to work always early. Shows the employer that you are reliable.

Numeracy- Work well with numbers, you are able to help out where numbers are involved.

Organisational Skills- Your organised all the time so its easy to find everything. your workstation doesn't look untidy


Determination- The employee must be determined to work hard and get things done to the best of they ability

Leadership- Must have good leadership skills so you can run a group and so you know how to be a leader efficiently

Respect- Respectful about yourself and respectful to others. Confidence falls under respect which is what employers love to have in a person.

Self Motivation- Motivated to do something themselves, dont need the help of others to become motivated. Important as it shows you have determination



Cultural Differences-
Being brought up in a different culture affects the way you view certain things so different cultures will have different points of views. To get past this you need to try and accept other cultures and they point of views.

Technology- Using technology to attract the audiences attention is a positive as it makes people want to hear more, so by using technology efficiently and in the correct way then you can make the employer see that you have ideas on how to get more attention from the general public.

Voice- The employee must know what they are going to be speaking about and what the purpose of speaking is, that way they can adapt the way they are going to speak to the audience.

Completeness- The message you are delivering should be complete with facts and statistics to prove your theory.

Basic Speaking- Dont speak using too much complex words, speak basic English so others can understand.


Listening- You listen to what is being said and you answer accordingly.

Feedback- When someone tells you something give them feedback. Just so they feel like they can come to you more often.

Body Language- Employee must have positive body language to make the employee seem motivated, if you slouch you wont look as good when presenting things/talking to people and you will seem stressed, so having positive body language will make others feel happy when they around you.


Spelling+Grammar- Employee must be able to spell correctly and place grammar where it is needed, to show the employer you understand basic English and you have good English skills.

Proofreading- Proofread all work you do on computers to make sure you haven't made any silly mistakes and to make sure everything is as good as it can possibly be.

Emails- Make sure you know how to work emails properly so you are able to send and pass on important emails to clients and other people.


Use of Jargon- Using complex words can confuse people so try to only use small amounts. Reduce the impact by speaking more naturally and use less complex words

Lack Of Attention- Try to focus on the task in hand and nothing that is happening around you or in your personal life. Reduce impact by focusing on everything you are doing at the time and not what is happening elsewhere.

Speech Impairment- Someone who cant speak properly or cant pronounce certain words. To help the impact of this you can hire a translator to say what they person is trying to.

Someone With Accents(Location)- Someone who has an accent can be difficult to understand. Accents are usually in workplaces because people come from different locations. Reduce the impact by hiring a translator to translate what is being said.

Psychological Barriers- The psychological state of the communicator will determine how the message is received. To reduce this barrier the communicator should try and be positive and confident.

Lack Of Concentration- Losing your concentration can make you space out and then you can miss important things which are being said.

Background Noise- Background Noise can make you stop listening to the person who is speaking and then once again you can miss important things.