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We completed our school year from afar and now we have reached a time of confusion. What's best for our kids for the next year? What's best for our teachers? What's best for the district?

Summer is starting but did we do enough for our kids throughout the year, did the school? How can we fill our childrens days who are pretty much still at home? Do we need to supplement what they missed during distance learning? Do we even know what they missed? There are hundreds of these questions that go through our mind. With the Covid-19 numbers rising again in Texas, we are also confused about the pandemic and how to handle our personal lives at home.

The one thing we are not confused on is that we know right now the teachers are working hard to learn new ways to teach our kiddos. They are sitting in on-line trainings trying to figure out a way to make next year work for everyone, whether it's on campus or through distance education. (love the graphic below from our Hobby teachers!) This is something concrete that we know is happening. We also have faith in our districts. They are going to provide what our child needs in the safest way possible.

Patience is so important during this time of confusion. Everyone is waiting on answers from the parent to the district to the state. For as long as our children have been going to school, we have had full confidence that our schools are going to provide what they need. That is not going to change regardless of where their desk is located. We have no confusion when it comes to what our teachers and districts are doing behind the scenes to get ready for whatever may happen next year.

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Voting is one of the most important ways to effect social and systemic change.

Research your vote here

Vote by mail applications due – July 2, 2020

Early voting – June 29 – July 10, 2020

Ballot by mail return deadline - July 14th by 7pm

Election Day – July 14, 2020

#txed #txlege #vote #TxEdVote

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Census 2020

It’s not too late, and it’s never been easier, to respond to the census questionnaire on your own, whether online, over the phone, or by email—all without having to meet a census taker. Go to to complete the Census questionnaire online or call (844) 330-2020 to talk to a live Census employee who can help you fill out your questionnaire over the phone. For Spanish, dial (844) 468-2020
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Senior Walk - Virtually

This year, students were at home distance learning when all of the celebratory events for graduation should have been happening. Jennelle, the RootEd Rep for Oak Meadow Elem in NEISD decided to bring the annual tradition of the Senior Walk to life even if the graduating seniors couldn't come to campus.

The Senior Walk is a moment in time to celebrate graduates at their elementary school. The students, their parents and former teachers gather to walk the halls one last time of where they started their education. This is where they met their life-long friends and the place that taught them how to read, write and share. The Senior Walk is a tear-full event with lots of hugs and laughter. It is truly a RootEd event, marking the importance of their neighborhood school in their lives.

Jennelle collected photos from graduating seniors who attended Oak Meadow Elem and created a video celebrating the amazing students. Set to the Oak Meadow song, she displayed memories and their senior photos to celebrate their time at Oak Meadow. The parents truly appreciated the effort Jennelle put into making something so heart-felt for a moment in time they didn't get to have due to the current circumstances.

Oak Meadow Senior Walk


RootEd out in the Community

RootEd Rep Meeting

Our monthly meeting with the RootEd Reps was awesome! We spoke about school in the fall, the importance of communicating with parents who are shopping and legislation updates. The Reps are inspiring, coming from different districts, different backgrounds; they truly are behind everything we do.


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RootEd Rep Contact Info for 2020-2021

We would love to know where you will be next year! Complete the form attached so that we know what school you are representing the next year! Want to be a RootEd Rep? Feel free to complete the form and we will reach out! Are you a principal? Send the link to the person you think would represent your campus the best!

Signs for Sale!

Want to purchase an NEISD or NISD Proudly RootEd sign? HarlandaleISD may have a few signs left, contact the parent ed center.

Have a sign already? Tag us in a pic of your sign and we’ll share to our stories! (Home or Campus!!)
Be sure to share your school’s RootEd hashtag along with it!!

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RootEd Rep Spotlight: Sofia Andry

Sofia Andry is the RootEd Rep for Coker Elementary School in North East ISD. From the beginning of RootEd, Sofia has been a huge supporter. She's an amazing Rep for her school and full of innovative ideas for our organization. We are lucky to have her as such an important part of RootEd.

"There isn't a person you wouldn't love if you could read their story." Marjorie P. Hinkley

"I feel this way about public schools. There isn't a school you wouldn't love if you could read the stories about their students, families, administration and their teachers.

Our neighborhood school is Coker Elementary and I choose public schools for our family because I believe in the importance of communities. Growing up, my mom always told my sister and me that the best school is the one closest to you. Now that I'm a mom of three boys, I get that more than ever. Logistically speaking, driving to our neighborhood school saves our family so much time. My boys make friends who live close to us and then in turn they see the same friends at sporting events and at church, which makes for meaningful relationships. But more than that, I know teachers are passionate about their students at Coker Elementary. Our family especially enjoys the dual language program because the boys have learned so much Spanish and have learned to appreciate different art, songs and culture. Coker has a special community and hosts a fair every year that brings so many people together.

I grew up here in San Antonio and attended Harmony Hills Elementary, Eisenhower Middle School and Churchill High School in the North East Independent School District. I have incredible memories of my teachers, friends and classes. I felt challenged, knew my teachers cared and wanted each student to succeed. I ran into my 5th grade math teacher, Mr. G at church a few years ago and he remembered my name and my sister. Even after all these years! That shows me teachers have a super power to care so much about their students.

I know every school has something special to offer and that's what attracted me to be a part of RootEd. We tell the stories about our neighborhood schools because EVERY school has a positive story to share. RootEd is important now more than ever because parents are looking for the best schools for their children, which can be stressful. I think when you give your neighborhood school a chance, you'll find you'll be part of a story you will love, too."


About RootEd

RootEd is a parent-led, grassroots organization that promotes neighborhood public schools through storytelling, advocacy, and education. We believe a strong public school system for all children creates a robust economy and well-connected community. RootEd is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.