Asian Colonialism

Grant Pasch, Jake Pierner, Matthew Rapps

Geography in Asia

Asia had lots of tropical islands with plant life such as coffee, many species of berries, pineapples, and vanilla. Which is one of the reasons so many Europeans wanted Asia.

European Influences

Many cultures were spread into Asia when Europeans invaded/came. These cultures involved religion, racism, loss of Asian cultures, and European languages. The religion was mainly Catholicism, but the other religion that they spread was Christianity. They also brought their languages, which included German, French, Portuguese, and other languages.

Why so important?

Without the European influence that came with colonialism, Asia most likely would not be what it is today. It may not be as modern as other continents in medicine, the population would barely have any other races living there, and they may not have as much scientific advancements later on in time.

Bad European Happenings in Asia

When Europeans invaded Asia, they took slaves and made them do hard labor (like they did with everyone they invaded at the time). The Europeans also influenced the Asians so much that they almost made Asian culture and religions extinct.


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