Mobile Apps

Mathematics 10-20-30

Below is a list of mobile apps that are geared towards secondary students with the aim of provided interactive and fun ways of learning math.

Edshelf provides a detailed list of 21 mobile math apps for secondary students. This is where you can find information about all the apps I have discussed. All of the ``Description Here`` buttons will link you to the appropriate description of the specific app for further information. (All images were retrieved from the links in the ``Description Here`` buttons.)

The ``Purchase Here`` buttons will direct you to the iTunes website where the app can be purchased.

GeometrIQ: Geometry Picture Game

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GeometrIQ: Geometry Picture Game is a mobile app that is a series of games that test students on their knowledge about various geometric concepts. This app provides an interactive and fun way of reviewing geometry.

As an educator, I would have the students use GeometrIQ: Geometry Picture Game as a review tool for a future geometry exam. Instead of handing out worksheets, the students can use this app asynchronously to prepare for future exams. Once the students have completed the review games, I can provide them with solutions to the games. As a class, we can then go over any games that the students were struggling with.

Geared towards ages 12-18 and is available on iPad and iPhone. The initial package of games 1-5 is free, but additional levels can be purchased for only $1.99 (games 6-49) and $1.99 (games 50-99). Free solution keys can be provided to teachers and parents.
GeometrIQ: Geometry Picture Puzzle Game

WileD Math

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WileD Math is a mobile app that provides an array of mathematical topics which students can explore. This app creates an engaging and fun space to practice math topics. The approach of WileD Math is very similar to GeometrIQ: Geometry Picture Game, but WileD Math provides games for various topics in math.

As an educator I would use WileD Math as a substitute for math practice. Similarly to GeometrIQ: Geometry Picture Game, WileD Math would be a substitute to practice worksheets. As the students gain points, additional games would be unlocked to be able to practice various topics of math. Striving to earn points to unlock new games provides the students with motivation to learn more.

Geared towards ages 12-16 and is available on iPad. This app is free.

Algebra Genie

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Algebra Genie is a mobile app that provides students with an interactive textbook for various algebraic concepts. This app provides students with a different medium for content knowledge.

As an educator, I would use this as an additional resource for students to understand algebraic concepts. Since Algebra Genie is asynchronous, students can learn about algebraic concepts on the go and would not have to lug around a giant textbook.

Geared towards ages 11-14 and is available for Android phone, iPad and iPhone. This app is free.

Math Ref Free

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Math Ref Free is a mobile app that provides various topics which can help students understand math. This app contains formulas, tips, figures and examples which aid students in their learning. This app also has some unique, handy features such as a search tool, printing options, and note editing.

As an educator, I would use this app as a supplementary tool for help with homework. Instead of sifting through the contents of a textbook, students can easily comb through the organized list of topics provided in Math Ref Free. This app provides the students with a different medium to understand the topic they are practicing in homework.

Geared towards ages 13-18 and is available for iPad and iPhone. The free version of this app provides students with a sample of about half of the topics that the priced version contains. The additional Math Ref topics can be purchased for only $1.99.
Math Ref 2.5 (iPad)

3D Geometry

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3D Geometry is a mobile app which allows students to visualize and manipulate geometrical shapes. This app provides students with the opportunity to easily conceptualize 3D shapes.

As an educator, I would use this app as an additional resource to understand 3D shapes. Since conceptualizing 3D shapes is often hard for most students, this app provides students with a tool to do so with ease. Instead of struggling to understand a homework problem regarding 3D geometry, this app creates a space where students can analyze the problem from a different perspective.

Geared towards ages 10-15 and is available for Mac Desktop and iPad. Although this app is not free, it only costs $2.99.