Solutions To The Countries Water Pollution Problems

all three of these countries suffer from the same problem, i'll address them together.

There needs to be some sort of program where people get educated on water pollution and the possible consequences of it.

There need to be laws set in place for littering near the water sources.

Money should be set aside by the government to help clean up major water source

People should donate to help make water sources in poorer countries cleaner.

It is very terrible that there are people who actually have to live without this vital source.

Clean Water

Monae Martis

Importance of clean water.

Clean water is very important because it is essential to life and you also need clean water to survive. Clean water is fundamental to good health.

3 Countries And Their Water Pollution Problems

The three countries that have water pollution problems are China,India, and Cambodia. Water pollution can also easily be defined as the addition of harmful chemicals.

Water pollution problems


The largest sources of water pollution in India is from untreated sewage and agricultural construction.

Eighty percent of sewage in India is untreated and flows directly into the nation's rivers, polluting the main sources of drinking water


Major sources of the water pollution in this country include Chemical factories.

China has some of the worlds worst water pollution and 70% of rivers and lakes are polluted.


84% of this population does not have any access to safe or clean water.

lack of technology, contamination of the water, and a reliance on rainfall for drinking water contribute to the water crisis in Cambodia.

The importance of Water