Anderson's 3rd Grade Class

Newsletter: May 2, 2016

Math Workshop:

This week, we will review area, perimeter, graphing, line plots and measurement word problems. Students will enjoy various hands-on activities during math this week to help spiral review these skills. This will be our final third grade unit to cover in math. Next week, we will begin to preview fourth grade math with the place value unit.

Reading Workshop:

We will continue to read and discuss poetry. Students will practice visualizing, or creating mental images in their minds, to help them further comprehend the meaning of a complex text. Students will be expected to independently read a poem called, "Afternoon on a Hill" and answer comprehension questions about the meaning of the poem as a reading strategy and skills grade.

Writing Workshop:

Students will begin their last narrative writing assignment for this school year. Students will need to write a creative story that will include dialogue, problem, solution, transition words, and a well thought out beginning, middle and end. This final narrative writing piece will count as their unguided narrative writing grade in the areas of ideas, style, organization and conventions.

Social Studies

This week, we will review all of the American Heroes that were taught this school year. Students may use their social studies journals, study guides, social studies book and links on their eClass homepage to help them review key details about each American Hero's life. There will be an American Heroes Review Test on Friday, May 7th.

Word Study:

We will practice using homophones correctly within our daily writing. Here are some examples:

no, know, knows, nose, knew, new, lesson, lessen, loan, lone

Math SPG Test

On Tuesday, from 9:50am - 11:15am, we will be taking a Math SPG test in the computer lab. This is a Student Performance Growth Test to reflect what students have learned in math since the beginning of this school year. This test is provided by Gwinnett County Public Schools and it will NOT count towards your child's math grades. We will use the results of this test to show how much our students have grown in math throughout this school year.

Book Fair

The Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair will be May 10th - 12th. Students have the opportunity to stock up on their summer reading by purchasing twice as many books during this book fair. The book fair will be open between 7:45am - 3:30pm. Students may bring their money at anytime to purchase their books. Please remember to add 6% sales tax to all items. All free items must be of equal or lesser value than the ones you buy.

Upcoming Gwinnett County Tests...

Students will be taking the following District Assessment Tests from 9:50am - 11:15am. It will cover everything we have learned throughout this school year in the areas of social studies and science. The tests will count towards 1% of your child's overall social studies and science grade.

Monday, May 9th: Social Studies District Assessment

Tuesday, May 10th: Science District Assessment

*Please Note: Students will NOT be taking a Reading District Assessment & the Math SPG Test took the place of the Math District Assessment.

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