My story

by luke

The dumb kid

Joe dorcus was a very dumb kid he thinks 2+2 is 1 and doesn’t understand letters, But he was in 3rd grade! He was held back 6 times so he is 16 and is also VERY stupid. He doesn’t understand sports or food. Once his dad gave him $1 for spelling “a” right then he traded the dollar to someone for 2 cents. He doesn’t understand money either. When he was 3 he stared at the wall for a whole month because he didn’t know how to sleep or move.

He learned to talk when he was 8 years old and in kindergarten. Once someone asked him what he thinks of when he lays on the floor with his face on the ground, he replied “ What’s thinking?“. But then one day the president of the Universe came and said "Mr.Dorcus come with me" joe said "why?" "Because," the president said "We need your genius abilities". Everyone in the world gawked at what the president of the universe just said.” Joe? they thought Him being a genius? I must be dreaming or the universe has gone crazy!” It was so incredibly ridiculous that everyone has fainted and hit the ground the way Joe always laid down. "Hey! You stole my moving thing with the falling down!" Joe Dorcus whined. Let's go to the car the president of the universe said stately. Okay joe said then joe tried to walk through the wall. THE ENDING