by Grant Redmon and David Ramirez

How he died!

J.F.K died on elm street by a bullet to the head.The person that did it his name was Lee Harvy Oswald.He was later captured and taken to jail.Lateron as he was walked down to the jail Jack Ruby came and shot Oswald.Oswald died right then.Ruby died in jail due to cancer years later.Jackie was devistated when he died. she kept the dress that had all the brains on it

Life behind closed doors

President J.F.K wasn't the the great presadent after all. He was accused of cheating on his wife Jackie with Maryland Menrow. She did denied that anything happend with them. she did say that they did talk but as friends.Shortly after J.F.K's brother killed Maryland Menrow because he thought she had a part in his death.
JFK Assassination Magic Bullet Computer Recreation

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