Multimedia Animators

By: Ilina Jayal

Multimedia Animators

Being a Multimedia Animator is a great job for artistic people who like creating designs and improving upon them. Multimedia Animators are known for creating cartoons, special effects in movies and video games, as well as website designs. Even though this job has a slow projected growth, it allows careers in many industries.

Salary of a Multimedia Animator

Multimedia Animators are payed $33,840- $99,830 (the average salary is $63,440) annually based upon national averages. However, they are, on average, payed $30,370- $90,920 (the average salary is $57,740) annually in Texas.

Pros of Being a Multimedia Animator

  • The minimum requirement to enter this feild is experience or an associate's degree.

  • Multimedia art and animation is required in many industries(film, publishing, video games, and etc.).

  • Multimedia animators have a potentially flexible schedule due to the fact that many animators are self- employed (57% were self employed as of 2012).

  • Multimedia Animators get an average salary of $63,440 nationally and $57,740 in Texas.

Skills and Responsibilities of a Multimedia Animator

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Colleges for Multimedia Animation

There are many colleges for multimedia animation- but there are a few out of these that you would call the best such as...

SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design)

This college requires an annual tuition fee of $32,950 (an annual fee of $50,347 overall) but you may as well agree that it is well worth it. Many animators from SCAD are well known and many even end up working internationally!

Ringling College of Art and Design

Ringling requires a tuition fee of $35,490 (an annual fee of $52,260) but is also- like SCAD- well known to produce many amazing animators.

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Multimedia animation was an exciting career for me to research. However, it may be that, even though you like multimedia animation, it doesn't pique your interests that much...

If that is the case you are in luck because I have also put down some interesting jobs that are related to this exciting career!


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