3 Europien countrys


The type of government that Germany has is the fedral republic.

The leader of Germany is Joachim Guack he is the president of Germany.

Germany is a unlimited government.

Germany is part of the European uion.

The current government of Germany is a parliment and a demacratic.

One of Germanys historical and political events is World War 2.

One of Germany histroical monument is the German resistance memorial entre on of the places honoring the men who rised up aginst the nazis.

Adolf Hitler was a person that changed history by killing over a million jews and starting world war one. He was an evil man.

The population in Germany now is over 81.3 million people.

The precent of Arable land is 34.26Z% in Germany.

The agriculture in Germany is frostey and fishing.

One of Germanys humman environment intreaction is when north germany was givien more water to help more of the trees grow.

The GPD of Germany is 3.25 trillion dollars or euros.

The GPD per capita in Germany is 38,100 that is very low for Germany.

The Currencey in Germany is eruos.

Germany exchange rate in US dollars is 0.73 euro for one american dollars.

One of the Major economic activiteis is the exportin industry. It is one of the largest industry in Germany.

Some of the famouse brands in Germany are Volkswagon, BMW, Mercedes benz, Siemens.

The offical language in Germany is german.

Germany religion is christianty, romen, muslim

One of the famouse land marks in Germany is the berlin wall. Built to sepreate east berlin and west berlin.

the climate in Germany can be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer.

The Topography of Germany is, the flat north Germany, the mountins in central greamans uplands, The rhine river valley area and the german apls.


The government type is is a unitory state.

The leader of spain is the chief and king Juan Carlos.

Spain is apart of the european union. they have been a member since 1999.

The current government is a parliment and a monarchy.

One histroical and political event that happen in spain is carthage begins to conqur spain.

A histroical monument in spain is Albuero battlefield wich happen in the war of 1811.

A person who changed history in spain is a man named Simon Bolivar, he led the way for freedom of millions of south americans.

the population of spain is 45.8 million people.

The language of spain is spanish.

One of spains major economic activities is agriculture.

The most religion in spain is catholicism.

The topography of spain is the northern central belt, the central paltuea the andalucia, the levante, and the catalonia.

The GPD of spain is 1.3439 trillion dollars.

Some of the famous brands in spain is sanalander ans movistar.


The type of government that france has is a republic.

The leader of france is President Francois Hollande.

France is a limited government.

France is apart of the euroupean union.

The current government of France is the fith republic.

The population of france is 64.3 million.

The currency of France is erous.