Rocky Mountain National Park

Located in Colorado

Rockin Facts about Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • Above 7,500 feet
  • Established, on January 26,1915
  • Rocky Mountain National Park lays along the Front Range,one of more than 100 mountain ranges
  • The park contains 113 peaks over 10,000 feet and exceeding 12,000 feet in altitude
  • Highest mountain in the park, and on the highest mountains in the contiguous 48 states is Longs Peak at 14,255 feet
  • 60 types of mammals including moose,elk, bighorn sheep,black bears,coyotes, and mule deer
  • 280 species of birds
  • 150 lakes
  • 265,769 acres of wilderness
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I think my park should have funding because it is a beautiful place. The Rocky Mountain National Park has a large number of animals. It also may help kids learn about new animals. I think kids would enjoy looking at animals too. It has great hiking trails, and camp sites. That is why I think my park should have funding.