Solar Activty

And layers of the sun

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The sun's core

The sun's core is the center of the sun and has a temperature very very hot. Resource for picture

Radiative Zone

The Radiative zone is not quite as hot as the sun's core but is still very hot. Resource for the picture is

Convective zone

The convective zone is the layer under the surface of the sun, though not as hot as the core or radiative zone it is still very hot. Resource for picture

The Photosphere

The Photosphere which is considered the surface of the sun the photosphere is very hot but not as hot as the core. Resource

The Chromosphere

The chromosphere is the layer above the photosphere and appears as a red glow around the sun the chromosphere is not very visible. Resource for picture

The Corona

The corona (which means crown) is the layer above the chromosphere and the outermost layer of gas of the sun can only be seen during a solar eclipse. Resource for picture


Sunspots are the dark spots that appear on the surface of the sun they are dark because they are cooler than the surrounding areas they seem to occur in a 11 year cycle. Resource for the picture

Solar Prominences

Solar prominences are huge arches or loops of glowing gas that come from the sun's surface. Resource for picture

Solar Flares

Solar flares are explosions on the sun and solar flares usually occur around sunspots. Resource for picture


Auroras occur because solar flares and coronal mass ejections disrupt Earth's magnetic field and causes Auroras. Resource for picture

I used the module 16 power point for most of my information