Andrew Jackson

A Hero to the ordinary people

The Hero of The Battle of New Orleans

Andrew Jackson was a war hero. In the War of 1812 Jackson was given command of an expedition to defend New Orleans against the British. The victory gained there over seasoned British troops under General Edward Pakenham, though it came after peace had already been signed in Europe, made Jackson the war's great military hero.

His Fight with The National Bank

Andrew Jackson hated rich people and hated to National Bank even more. The National Bank was corrupt and was only helping the rich. He did not want the country to be run by aristocrats, So he veto's the bank.

President Of the People

Andrew Jackson never really cared for the wealthy folk. He was more of a president of the people, he seemed like a person you could relate to. Just look at Jackson's inauguration, it was crazy, unorganized, fun, and he invited many regular people to his crazy party!

Political Cartoon

In this cartoon Andrew Jackson slaying the monster banks as Henry Clay swoons in the background