And how you can protect yourself

Scammers are Learning.

Every day thousands and thousands of scam emails are sent. Even though they may seem reliable, they are not. This strategy called, "Phishing", is being used by hundreds of scammers. Phishing is when a scammer may try to steal a password, social security number, and lots of other personal and private information.

Clues that it's a Scam!

  • Does the Sender have a reliable looking Email address?
  • Does the Sender not call you by your name?
  • Does the Sender ask for you to click on a link?
  • Does the Sender threaten you with cancelling your account?

Clues that it is legitimate!

  • The Sender email is a known reliable Email.
  • The Sender email includes your name.
  • The Sender doesn't ask you to click on a link.
  • The Sender email includes personal information (EX: Last 4 digits of Credit Card.)
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