The Giver: Book vs. Movie

By: Evan Matthews

Diffrences and Similarities

In The Giver written by Lois Lowry, introduces a 16 year old boy named Jonas. During this enduring story we go on a adventure with Jonas learning the secrets the communities hold. This book was later made into a movie wich in turn changed some things that were in the book, but at the same time keeping many thing the same as the book.

Some things that were changed in the movie were the jobs Asher and Fiona got (Jonas's friends). As the book shows Asher got the job of "Assitiant Director of Recreation" (pg 56), but in the movie he was given the job of a drone pilot. In the book Fiona got the job of "Caretaker of the Old" (pg 56), but in the movie she got the job of nurturer. One more thing that was changed was that in the book the Giver tells Jonas about music, but in the movie the Giver plays music for him.

Also there were things that were keept the same in the movie and the book. Things like how Jonas gives the memory of sailling to Gab (A baby that Jonas takes a liking to). As well as When Jonas begain to see color he begain to see red, and they keept the names of all the characters. Finally, they keept at the end Jonas arived at the log cabing with christmas lights.

Symbolism: The River (Cliff in the movie)

The river (or cliff) is a boundrie that seperates the communite from death, chaos, joy, love, happiness, evolution, and life it represents the boundrie between order and evolution.


I believe this story tells that for love, peace, happiness, and joy to be felt there must be loss, pain, chaos, and greed or in simple terms for happiness to be felt pain must be present.


This book (along with the movie) shows foreshadowing by when the Giver shows Jonas the memory of snow and a sled this foreshadows the ending of the book where Jonas finds a sled (like in the memory but in real life) and sleds down the snowy hill.