The Battle Of Queenston Heights

By: Raveen Dias & Kushal Kumar

What You Will Be Learning about

You will be learning about one of the most famous battles of the war of 1812 it was the battle of Queenston Heights. The battle for Queenston Heights was both a victory and a tragedy for British and Canadian forces against the trespassing American army.

Invasion Against Queenston Heights

On the night of October 12th 1812, the New York military launched their invasion across the treacherous Niagara currents. Brock was convinced they would cross further down the river at Fort George and the initial attempt was so poorly organized that he assumed it was a feint and did not consolidate his forces at Queenston. This allowed Van Rensselaer to repeat the attempt before dawn on 13 October. Discovering a hidden path to the top of the escarpment, the Americans were able to seize a redan from which a gun had been hampering the flow of reinforcements across the river and gain control of the battle.

The Death Of Sir Isaac Brock

Brock was awakened by the sound of guns on Vrooman's Point and along the shore and now the battle was made in haste, with the Americans taking command of Queenston Heights against the British forces. Brock took to his horse and rode hard to Queenston, where he regrouped his forces and personally led a charge to regain the gun position on the heights that the Americans had taken. Sword drawn, Brock charged forward and became an easy target for snipers. He was shot just above his heart, and died almost instantly.