Living In Louisville

By: Justin Vessels

A little about Louisville

 The City of Louisville was founded in 1778 by George Rogers Clark and is named after King Louis XVI of France.The old Louisville neighborhood near downtown is the largest Victorian neighborhood in America.Louisvilles Main Street has the second largest collection of cast-iron storefronts facades, only New York City has more.Louisville is the largest city in the Commonwelath of Kentucky and the states only 1st class city. In 2010, Louisville proper was the 27th largest city in the united states.
Louisville In Motion. A timelapse tour of Louisville Kentucky.

Cost of Living

Gas Prices: $2.87-$3.23 per gallon.Apartments range from $650.00-$1,500 per month.Basic Utilities (electric, heating, water, garbage) about $158.00 per month.Meal, inexpensive restaurant: $9.50Meal for 2, Mid-Range restaurant, three course: $45.00Combo meal at McDonalds or similar: $6.71 Average Monthly Disposable Salary (after tax) $3,250.00

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