Cost Rica

Information over this country

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Capital of Costa Rica

The capital of Costa Rica is San José and is one of the most populated city out of the entire country.

Population of Costa Rica

The population of Costa Rica is 4.87 million people in the country during 2013. Tourist staying and leaving didn't count.

Three famous people known in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Sports

Soccer, Tennis, and Surfing

These are the most played sports in Costa Rica and have been for more than ten years. Soccer is the more popular of the three and is taken seriously all over the country and all people enjoy it.

Costa Rica Religion

The main religion in Costa Rica is Roman Catholics. There is no other religion that they do or believe in other Roman Catholics.

Weather in Costa Rica

Summer and Winter

The weather in Costa Rica during summer is mainly very hot with highs of 110 to 115
and during winters is averaged around 55 to 65. It is always dry during summer and wet during winter, almost no snow.


The Climate in Costa Rica is usually mild with some warm winds, the temperature on average is around 70 to 81 degrees.

Popular foods in Costa Rica

Entertainment in Costa Rica

Casinos, spas, hotels, and hiking

are just a couple of entertainment spots in Costa Rica but these are the most popular out of all of them.

Interesting fact about Costa Rica

The men there are called Ticos and the women there are called Ticas.