Vegan eating


Why I chose vegan eating:

It is a goal of mine to eventually become a full vegan due to many reasons . These reasons being that I would like to lessen the impact I have on the animals and the environment. I also have many dietary requirements anyway and going vegan would suit me better.

Why eat vegan?

Being or eating vegan means that you consume only food products that contain have no animal origins. By not eating animal products you save a lot of water used in the production of livestock. Over 8000 liters of water are used to create a 500g pack of mince.

Apart from being better for the environment a vegan lifestyle can be very beneficial, this is only if your diet is balanced and full of all the right nutrients . Animal products contain many bad fats and are high in cholesterol, when eaten in high amounts meat products can lead to heart issues.

Why is this an issue in Australia?

Australian people are big meat eaters. This means that a whole lot of water Is needed to produce enough meat to satisfy all the people. If more people became vegan or ate vegan meals every now and then it would be better for the environment.

Some facts

- while 99% of the people in Australia are against animal cruelty 98% of them eat animal products from cruel intensive farming practices.

- only 1% of the people in Australia are vegans

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By substituting meat with vegetables, tofu or other proteins you can lessen the amount of water used to produce the meat . It is extremely easy to substitute meat with other foods and taste is not compromised.
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Considering different points of view

Not everyone has to become fully vegan as it is a personal choice but if people reduced their servings of meat each week it would be more beneficial for the environment.
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