Race stereotypes in Track/Field

Today's stereotypes

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Track and Field

Even in the 21st century we have stereotypes and racism towards aboriginal descents. Track and field is a very popular sport. One reason that it's popular is because it's what the Olympics are based off of. Track and field is in almost every high school in America. People think it's a simple sport, it's just running right? The sport of Track and field is very difficult to be good at, it requires determination and drive to get better at this wonderful sport. In high school there is always athletes who see a black kid who is a sprinter and say wow he must be fast or slow. Even in higher levels of the sport like the Olympics for example have such things.

"So Called Racism"

Aussie runner John Steffensen threaten to boycott the London Olympics after not being selected individually to run the 400 meter. John is upset when a teenager got the place instead of him. He is still in Australia's 4x400 meter relay team. He complains on channel 9 saying how he thinks it's "stupid" and he is used to being racially vilified. His coach says he is talking to him about it and to simmer down. Eventually his outrage comes to an end, but it can get people really aggravated as you see. Racism is such an easy topic to discuss about. It shows up everywhere in today's society and people of different color do get mad about it.

What This Shows

This shows that racism can be so easily as a topic to get mad. It's everywhere in the world and people can't avoid it. The Olympics even have cases of it. It's not easy to avoid and it is a dangerous subject to talk about. Overall this just shows even the great sport of track and field have cases of racism.