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Dr. Cohen/Mr. Smith's Newsletter to the SVHS Community

January 31, 2021 Edition

Welcome Back, Dr. Cohen!

I want to thank the SVHS students, staff, and community for allowing Mr. Smith to have a successful leadership experience during his practicum as principal of the school. I know that Mr. Smith has learned a lot from this experience over the last six weeks and I am encouraging him to share some of his learning with us all in future newsletter editions.

While Mr. Smith was in charge, I was busy, behind the scenes, continuing to coach his professional development. At the same time, I have been conducting classroom observations, learning more about the virtual school experience, and providing teachers with feedback on their instructional practices. Additionally, I have been meeting regularly with our SVHS Return to School Team, preparing our plan for a safe and efficient start to bringing students and staff back to the building for support appointments and ultimately for hybrid learning. And finally, I have been serving on the MCPS planning team that is looking for ways to enhance the senior year experience in the coming months.

As I transition back to the building, I want to thank Mr. Smith for doing a great job at the helm in my absence. I am looking forward to our continued work for the remainder of the year as he continues his principal internship.


Marc Cohen

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NEW: Update from the January 28 Board of Education Meeting

Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff and Students:

The Board of Education met yesterday (Jan. 28) to discuss MCPS’ plan for the return of students to in-person learning. MCPS staff provided an update on current health conditions in the county, vaccination plans for MCPS staff and ongoing work to ensure school buildings are ready for the return of students and staff. No action was planned or taken regarding the reopening of schools at this meeting.

The Board also discussed Governor Larry Hogan’s updated guidance on the reopening of schools. Superintendent Jack Smith shared with the Board that MCPS is exploring bringing back groups of students receiving special education services and those in specific Career Technology Education (CTE) programs by March 1. MCPS will present more information on this plan to the Board on Feb. 9. MCPS is also proceeding with its plan for the phased-return of additional student groups beginning March 15.

(View the PowerPoint presentation and Watch a recording of the meeting.)

Health, Safety and Operations
During the meeting, the Board viewed several videos that highlight MCPS’ recovery efforts, including:

Athletics Update
As part of the reopening strategy, registration for fall sports opens Jan. 29 through ParentVue. The target start date is Feb. 27, 2021.

(Watch a video on Physical Distancing and Safety During Sports.)

What’s Ahead
The Board will meet again on Feb. 9 and Feb. 23 to take action on MCPS’ recovery plan. A detailed timeline, including school-specific information on what in-person experiences will look like for students (for instance, how many days a week students will attend in person, instructional models, etc.), will be shared following the Feb. 9 meeting.

Montgomery County Public Schools

NEW: Welcome to our New Counselor, Ms. Rina Palchick

We would like to inform you that Mrs. Melissa McCarthy is on long-term leave beginning immediately. While she is out, we have secured a long-term substitute, Ms. Rina Palchick. We feel fortunate to have her join our team on such short notice and are confident and excited that she will be able to serve Mrs. McCarthy’s caseload in her absence.

Please see Ms. Palchick’s introduction below:

Dear Students and Parents,

I am delighted to tell you that I am joining the Seneca Valley counseling department as a long-term substitute. This past July I retired from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, where I was a counselor for 16 years and, before that, an English teacher for 12 years. Having been a member of the MCPS community, I am familiar with its resources and policies. I am eager to get to know and work with you. If you would like to touch base, you can reach me at 301-664-4569. I would be more than happy to chat. I also welcome your emails, and, most importantly, I look forward to helping to support your educational journey.

Best regards,

Mrs. Palchick

Phone: 301-664-4569

New: Fall Sports Update from Mr. Irvin

SV Community,

MCPS and Seneca Valley High School are excited to announce that registration for Fall Sports is now open! Below is information regarding the upcoming Fall Sports season, as well as the registration process. Additional information can be found in this memo from MCPS regarding the return to athletics.

Registration Information

How to Register
Students must be registered by a parent through the MCPS ParentVue Portal. More information regarding the registration process can be found in this letter from MCPS. Registration will remain open through February 22, 2021. Registration will close on this date to allow coaches with the opportunity to group students appropriately and for coaches and schools to plan program operations.

ParentVue Troubleshooting Information

If a parent is having trouble logging into the MCPS ParentVue Portal:

  • If you have never activated your parent account:
    Parents were sent activation information at the beginning of the school year, which included an Activation Key. If you still have this information, use it to activate your parent account. If you do not have the activation information, please contact the Seneca Valley front office staff. You can also call the Main Office at Seneca Valley HS at 240-740-6400 during normal office hours.
  • Forgot your password? Click on the Forgot Password link on the ParentVue Portal.
  • Forgot the email address you used to activate your account? Email Seneca Valley Athletic Director . Or contact the main office staff. Be sure to include the student name, ID and parent name in the email.

Pre-Participation Physicals
Students should complete their pre-participation physical (MCPS Form SR-8) so that the medical eligibility form (last page of SR-8) is ready for online submission or for submission to the coach prior to tryouts/practices. Please make sure to include the pre-participation Covid 19 page. Physicals are valid for one calendar year. Note: This is a change from the policy during the virtual engagement in the first semester. At that time, physicals were valid for two years. A partial list of Clinics that offer Sports Physicals within the Montgomery County area is available online. Physicals can be uploaded by the parent during the registration process. However, if a parent needs to submit a physical after the student has already been registered, email an electronic copy of the pre-participation physical (MCPS Form SR-8) to Seneca Valley Athletic Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for the start of sports?
Registration will open on January 29th. While the Fall "season" will begin on February 13th, MCPS will enter into a phase of educating stakeholders at that time, as we prepare for potential in-person operations. This will take place via email and zoom meetings and seminars. A preliminary framework of operations will be provided by February 13th, and a confirmed operations plan will be provided by February 23, 2021. The fall season, per the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) calendar, runs from February 13 through April 17, 2021 (the start date for the MCPS fall season is February 27, 2021).

What is the MCPS policy on participation by coaches and/or students in in-person activities?
In-person programming will be optional for coaches and student-athletes. As a result, program offerings will be school and team-specific, depending on the selection of coaches and the interest of student-athletes. Program operations will be confirmed in the coming weeks, as schools finalize their options and registrations are received from student-athletes.

Does this mean we will definitely start in-person activities?
All in-person programming and activities would only be conducted if health metrics allow and in alignment with guidelines and protocols designated by the COVID-19 Task Force for MCPS Athletics. Such guidelines are included in the Return to R.A.I.S.E. Strategic Plan, and comply with guidelines and recommendations released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA), and Montgomery County.

Will we have contests and games?
It is important to note that in-person programming will begin with conditioning and skills-based practices/tryouts, which must occur for a minimum of 20 calendar days (starting with the first practice) prior to any contests or competition, per MPSSAA regulations. Competition and contests may not occur, if health metrics do not allow. Activities will be conducted in-person to the extent possible throughout the semester, pending health metrics and necessary approval.

What if a coach opts not to return to in-person activities?
As stated above, in-person participation is optional for all coaches (and students). If a coach opts not to participate in in-person activities, the school will offer virtual activities during the season. Students who register for a sport that is not being offered in-person will be contacted by February 23, 2021.

What if a student wants to participate, but the student and the parent/guardian do not opt for in-person activities?
Seneca Valley will only offer virtual activities if the coach opts not to participate in-person. For coaching staffs that have more than one coach, it is possible that Seneca Valley will offer both in-person and virtual activities, if all of the coaches do not opt to participate in-person.

What adjustments will be made to operations based on COVID-19?
The following resources are available for students and parents/guardians regarding the operations of the MCPS athletics program. All documents, information, and guidance are subject to change, based on the ever-changing dynamics of COVID-19.

  • Second Semester Plan – provides an overview of the second semester of operations
  • Return to R.A.I.S.E. Strategic Plan – provides the operating procedures and protocol that will be used during the fall season. This is a fluid document and will be updated, as guidelines and recommendations change.
  • Return to R.A.I.S.E. Video – this video provides an overview of the protocol and procedures in the Return to R.A.I.S.E. Strategic Plan. The video was filmed in late-October–guidelines and procedures may change, per state and local recommendations.
  • COVID-19 Athletics Information Webpage – all information regarding the return of in-person programming is available here; updates will continue to be posted on this site.

We know that this is a lot of information and please feel free to reach out to the Seneca Valley Athletics office or Athletic Director Jesse Irvin, if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you

NEW: This Week is National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week 2021 (#NSCW21), "School Counselors: All In for All Students," is Feb. 1-5, 2021, to focus public attention on the unique contribution of school counselors within U.S. school systems. National School Counseling Week, sponsored by ASCA, highlights the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career. National School Counseling Week is always celebrated the first full week in February.

Take the time to thank one or all of our Tremendous SVHS School Counselors this week!

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NEW: SVHS Earns College Board AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

Recognized for Closing the Gender Gap in AP Computer Science Principles

Germantown, MD– Seneca Valley High School has earned the College Board AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for achieving high female representation in AP Computer Science Principles. Schools honored with the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award have expanded girls’ access in AP Computer Science courses.

Out of the 20,000 institutions that offer AP courses, 1,119 achieved either 50% or higher female representation in one of the two AP computer science courses or a percentage of the female computer science examinees meeting or exceeding that of the school’s female population during the 2019-2020 school year. That’s nearly 37% more than the 818 schools recognized last year. In 2020, SVHS was one of 831 recognized in the category of AP Computer Science Principles.

“During an unprecedented year, Seneca Valley High School female students have demonstrated perseverance and dedication in their study of AP Computer Science,” said Maryland State Department of Education. “We could not be more proud of Seneca Valley High School female students for staking their claim as the next generation of STEM and computer science professionals. We can’t wait to see their passion for next generation technology lead to lifelong success.”

“Seneca Valley High School’s students need the power to shape technology, not just cope with it,” says Stefanie Sanford, College Board chief of global policy and external relations. “Young women deserve an equal opportunity to become the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers and tech leaders. Closing the gap in computer science education empowers young women to build the future they want.”

The first year of AP Computer Science Principles in 2016-17 attracted more students than any other AP course debut, and participation is on the rise. In 2020, more than 116,000 students took the AP CSP Exam—more than double the number of exam takers in the course’s first year, and a 21% increase over the previous year. In 2020, 39,570 women took the AP CSP exam, nearly three times the number who tested in 2017.

Providing female students with access to computer science courses is critical to ensuring gender parity in the industry’s high-paying jobs and to drive innovation, creativity, and representation. The median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $88,240 in May 2019. However, a analysis of 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics data finds women represent just 24% of the 5 million people in computing occupations.

That’s why new College Board research about AP CSP is so encouraging. According to the data, female students who take AP CSP in high school are more than 5 times as likely to major in computer science in college, compared to similar female students who did not take CSP. The study also finds AP CSP students are nearly twice as likely to enroll in AP CSA, and that for most students, AP CSP serves as a stepping-stone to other advanced AP STEM coursework.

These findings make it all the more imperative that schools nationwide achieve gender parity in AP Computer Science classrooms. The 1,119 schools that receive this year’s AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award should serve as inspirations and models for all American high schools, where overall, female students remain under-represented in computer science classes, comprising just 34% of AP Computer Science Principles participants. So there is a long way to go to achieve equal gender representation in the field of computer science. Currently, less than half of the nation’s high schools teach foundational computer science, a clear opportunity to be addressed by strong partnerships between policymakers, the tech industry, and educators.

NEW: Student Recognition for Semester 1

On Wednesday, Jan. 13th between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., Student Recognition & Celebration Committee held the first distribution of awards for all students who had been nominated by their teachers for exhibiting the IB Learner Profile traits of Risk-taker for the month of October and Caring for the month of November. For those who had requested home delivery of their award, they were delivered by Friday January 15th. Check the upcoming announcements to see the students nominated for the Learner Profile trait of Open-minded for the month of December. We will organize another distribution in the near future and will invite any student who was unable to pick up their award to do so at the next distribution. Any questions, please contact Dan Stouffer at or Bekki Hanford at

Here are the Google slides for October Learner Profile of Risk-Taker:

November - Learner Profile of Caring:

December - Learner Profile of Open-Minded:

NEW: PTSA Fundraiser

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NEW: Congratulations to our very own, Ms. Katherine Hess!

Congratulations to Katherine Hess for earning the Maryland Art Educator of the Year award!

It feels like déjà vu because this seemingly keeps happening every year. But in fact Katherine has continually won more and more prestigious awards each year for her excellent work as an art educator. In 2017, she was presented with the Montgomery County Secondary Art Educator of the Year award, showcasing her high school work at the county level. Then, in 2019, she won the Maryland Secondary Art Educator of the Year award, which is presented to high school art teachers at the state level. But this year, on March 4–7 at the virtual 2021 NAEA National Convention, the National Art Education Association will award Katherine the 2020 Maryland Art Educator of the Year award, the highest award that an art educator of any kind can receive in the state of Maryland.

Previous awards she's won have been high school based and more local. But the Maryland Art Educator of the Year award is available not only to educators at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels, but also those in higher education, museums, preservice, emeritus, or any other level. This is a big step up from her previously won awards!

I'm extremely proud of just how much she has done to promote art education in the state of Maryland. Katherine serves as the Department Chair for the Art Department at Seneca Valley High School (2014–present) and the Vice President of Communications for the Maryland Art Education Association (2018–present). She's done quite a bit to help art education both nationally and internationally, including as an International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Examiner in the Eastern and Southeastern Regions of the United States and as an International Extended Essays Examiner for the International Baccalaureate Organization throughout the world (including students from over a dozen countries!). In Maryland, she's headed the Academy of Commercial and Fine Art, developed Secondary Visual Arts Curricula for Montgomery County Public Schools, and helped to develop the first IB Middle Years Programme in Maryland.

Katherine has been especially active during the pandemic, focusing on running social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that help art educators in Maryland succeed, as well as publishing the MAEA Gazette, the MAEA Year in Review, and the Black Lives Matter statement for the Maryland Art Education Association. I am constantly amazed that she has enough energy to do all of this while still providing a positive learning environment in her virtual classroom. (The only lack this past year was in not being able to present her artwork in public anywhere because of the pandemic. A shame, really, as her work has been displayed across five states and won multiple awards in themselves.)

I can think of no better art educator in the state of Maryland than her for this award.

Congratulations, Katherine!

NEW: This Week's Notes from the College & Career Center

College Acceptances - Seniors

Have you applied and been accepted to a college or university? Please share this information via email with Mr. Nalda as we need to keep track of this data. Take a picture of or scan your letter(s) of acceptance and add as an attachment. Thank you!!

HBCU College Fair On-the-Sport Interviews (Feb. 12) - Seniors

Important updates and information for Seniors interested in participating in On-the-Spot interviews at the HBCU College Fair on February 12, 2021. Please read carefully!

Mid-Year Transcripts - Seniors

Do you need a Mid-Year Transcript as part of your college application? Please request in Naviance and also reach out to the following staff members (in one email, you can copy everyone together).

FAFSA & MSFAA - Seniors

The FAFSA & MSFAA are financial aid forms to request financial aid to help pay college. Those students not eligible to apply for the FAFSA should consider applying for the MSFAA. Please see the SVHS College & Career Financial Aid Page (linked below) for more information about both forms. If you haven’t done so already, I strongly recommend that you begin working on these forms ASAP they are due by March 1!!!

Feel free to reach out to Mr. Nalda if you have any questions.

Upcoming Scholarships

  • January 31 - National Ag Day Essay and Video Contest - 1-$1,000 + trip to DC (essay winner) & 1-$1,000 award (video winner); grade 9-12; U.S. Citizen; submit an essay (450 words or less) or video (max 2 minutes) on the following topic: Food Brings Everyone to the Table; see link for details and guidelines.
  • January 31 - USDA 1890 National Scholars Program - full tuition, employment, employee benefits, fees, books, and room and board each year for up to 4 years to selected students pursuing a bachelor's degree at one of the 1890 Historically Black Land-Grant Universities (see list); senior; U.S. citizen; min. 3.0 GPA (unweighted); study agriculture, food, natural resource sciences, or other related academic disciplines; demonstrate leadership and community service; official transcript; signed application.
  • February 01 - Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship - (due at 5pm EST) roughly 60 awards up to $30,000 over four years; senior; U.S. Citizen; plan to a four-year school in the U.S.; leadership potential; demonstrate a dedication to community service; present evidence of financial need; letter of recommendation.
  • February 01 - EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program - up to 20 awards of $2,500; senior; US Citizens, US Nationals, or US Permanent Residents; min 2.0 GPA; pursuing an Associate’s Degree, Certificate, or Diploma in an HVAC technical program after high school; essay; transcript; FAFSA SAR report.
  • February 01 - Nancy Etz Scholarship - 1-$1,000 award; senior; accepted into a college or university for Fall 2021; submit a 500-word essay that answers the following prompt: “Discuss a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart.”
  • February 01 - Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship - (due at 5pm EST) roughly 60 awards up to $30,000 over four years; senior; U.S. Citizen; plan to a four-year school in the U.S.; leadership potential; demonstrate a dedication to community service; present evidence of financial need; letter of recommendation.
  • February 01 - EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program - up to 20 awards of $2,500; senior; US Citizens, US Nationals, or US Permanent Residents; min 2.0 GPA; pursuing an Associate’s Degree, Certificate, or Diploma in an HVAC technical program after high school; essay; transcript; FAFSA SAR report.
  • February 01 - Nancy Etz Scholarship - 1-$1,000 award; senior; accepted into a college or university for Fall 2021; submit a 500-word essay that answers the following prompt: “Discuss a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart.”
  • February 03 - McDonald’s® HACER® National Scholarship - McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship - scholarships worth up to $100,000; senior; legal U.S. resident; min. 2.8 GPA; must have at least one parent of Hispanic heritage; attend a two- or four-year school full-time in the fall; winners selected based on: academic achievement, financial need, community involvement, personal qualities & strengths as portrayed in a personal interview, either in-person or by phone; transcript; personal statement; letter of recommendation to be submitted online; list of community service projects; FAFSA report and/or 1040s.
  • February 05 - Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship - multiple awards ranging from $500 to $5,000 per year (renewable); senior; U.S. Citizen or perm. res.; min 3.0 GPA; exhibit academic excellence, leadership, and community involvement; activities, awards & honors; financial need; demonstrate desire and ability to overcome barriers and to achieve their goals; must certify to not participate as a student-athlete in college.
  • February 12 - Zeta Phi Beta Sorority - Issie Jenkins Scholarship - at least 1-$2,000 award; senior; min 3.0 GPA; 3 letters of recommendation that speak about academic achievement, leadership and community service (from teachers, counselors, employers, community or church leaders, etc.); submit a 200-word essay explaining how he/she has demonstrated effective leadership abilities either in or outside of the school setting; resume.

College Board Scholarships - opportunity to win up to $40,000! For Juniors & Seniors. Available to Seniors through February 28, 2021.

Click here to see the SVHS Scholarships Page for more opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Moving Forward College and Career Readiness - For Juniors

Juniors, let's start planning! We enthusiastically invite you all to participate in the following workshops to get a head start in planning for life after high school!

All workshops are from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. Click here to see the flyer. Click Here to Register.

· Wednesday, February 3 - Narrow Down Your College List

SVHS Naviance Presentation and Q & A Session - Families & Students of All Grades

Attention SVHS Students and Families...Learn more about Naviance and ask questions!

Hosted by the SVHS Resource Counselor & College/Career Information Coordinator. Session will take place from 6pm - 7pm on the following dates:

§ Thursday, February 4

Click here for the flyer with meeting link

NACAC Virtual College Fair - January 31

13th Annual HBCU College Fair (Virtual) - Feb 12 (Seniors, on-the-spot interviews) & Feb 13 (All grades)

Once I receive more information and a list of schools participating in the on-the-spot interviews, I will share that information.

NEW: BOOKMOBILE: Pick up Print Books at NWHS on Wednesday through February

In December, MCPS expanded its Bookmobile pilot program to include Seneca Valley. Seneca students may now borrow physical copies of print books from the collection at Northwest High School. Here is the process:

  1. Browse/search the Northwest High School Library Media collection to find a book you’d like to read. Directions with screenshots are provided HERE.
  2. Complete THIS GOOGLE FORM to reserve your book.
  3. Go to the UPPER PARKING LOT AT THE MAIN ENTRANCE OF NORTHWEST HS on Wednesdays in February (2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24), between 3:30-5:00 pm, to pick up your books.

Questions? Please contact Ms. Little at SVHS or Ms. Myers at NWHS.

NEW: Book Club Updates: Project Lit & Black-Eyed Susan Book Club

Our third Project LIT discussion will take place this Wednesday, February 3rd, from 2:00-3:00 pm. We will discuss the book The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo. This is an empowering book, written in free-style verse, about a teenager growing into her body. ALL ARE WELCOME! Learn more about accessing this book in either audiobook or eBook format through Sora by clicking on the “Read Online” flag in the Virtual SV Library Media Center.

The next meeting of the Black-Eyed Susan Book Club, originally scheduled for February 8th, is being postponed one week to Monday, February 15th. We plan to discuss the book A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi, which is also available in Sora, our online reading platform.

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NEW: IB/MYP Spotlight

As a reminder, our January IB focus is on the ATL category RESEARCH with the MYP cluster of MEDIA LITERACY. Our Learner Profile attribute is OPEN-MINDED. As we all strive to be OPEN-MINDED, it is often difficult to see perspectives outside of our own. As inquirers, we must both actively seek out different perspectives and approach them with an open mind. Being media literate, can help us achieve these goals. Our goal is for SVHS students to be able to complete the following descriptors.

Research: Media Literacy descriptors: Interacting with media to use and create ideas and information

  • Locate, organize, analyse, evaluate, synthesize and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media (including digital social media and online networks)
  • Demonstrate awareness of media interpretations of events and ideas (including digital social media) and understand the impact of media representations and modes of presentation
  • Seek a range of perspectives from multiple and varied sources to compare, contrast and draw connections among multi(media) resources.

Our SVHS students have already completed two digital citizenship lessons in Advisory this year! You can access the courses using the Nearpod codes below through February 17th.

  • On 10/27/2020 in Advisory, our students learned how about, “Navigating Election News and Political Ads''. Check it out at and enter the Join Code: 7GJB5
  • On 11/24/2020 In Advisory, our students learned about, “Coronavirus and the Infodemic”. Check it out at and enter the Join Code: 736IE
  • Our 3rd digital citizenship lesson is scheduled for 2/9!

Below are some additional resources to work towards MEDIA LITERACY as OPEN-MINDED screaming eagles!

  • AllSides: AllSides is a website dedicated to, “exposing people to information and ideas from all sides of the political spectrum so they can better understand the world — and each other.” AllSides display the day’s top news stories from the Left, Center and Right of the political spectrum — side-by-side so you can see the full picture.
  • Curated list of News Literacy Resources for Classrooms (includes some helpful student & parent resources)
  • Common Sense resources for parents: News and Media Literacy
  • Another great site: News Literacy Project


    • High school students from across the Washington Metropolitan Area are invited to submit poems to the Gaithersburg Book Festival Poetry Contest. Entries must be no longer than one page, single spaced, 12-point Times New Roman and are due by February 18, 2021. Download contest rules HERE.
    • The 12th Annual Choose Respect Montgomery video contest is accepting entries of original, 60-second public service announcements (PSA) that promote awareness of dating abuse and domestic violence among teens. Submissions are due by March 1, 2021. Click HERE for entry rules and to see past winners.
    • The Montgomery County Youth Media Festival invites all middle and high school students, plus young adults ages 18-25, in the DMV to submit original works of video and art for consideration. Selected entries will be shown at the festival in April, when winners will be announced. Submissions are due by March 20, 2021. Click HERE for contest rules and the submission form.

NEW: Announcement from the Literary Magazine: "Depths of the Valley"

Do You Want Your Voice to be Heard??? Make a Submission to our Literary Magazine!

If you love POETRY and like to express yourself through influential strong words then submit YOUR TALENT to have a chance of showcasing it in this year’s 2021 LITMAG!

Do you live to write but don't have anywhere to display your work? Submit your stories to Lit Mag and have your work placed alongside the works of other up and coming writers.

Do you like creating art? Do you want it to be shown to your schoolmates? Tired of all these questions? Then submit your art to the Lit Mag to be showcased!

Use this link to submit your art, poetry, or prose to Volume V of our Literary Magazine: Depths of the Valley!

NEW: Identity Program Opportunity

Program opportunity for 9th, 10th and 11th grade students

Enroll in Identity’s program! Be part of our group and form lasting relationships with fellow students, while you gain knowledge for future success. Learn how to set, and reach your goals, create, and maintain healthy relationship and strengthen your community. All enrolled participants will receive gift cards during the program and have opportunities for earning SSL hours. Sign-up to enroll by February 15th.

For enrollment or more information contact Addison Coryell 301-820-5326 or Jennifer Garcia 301-820-5335.


Oportunidad de programa para estudiantes en el grado 9º, 10º, 11º

¡Inscríbete en el programa de Identity! Se parte de un grupo en donde podrás crear amistades mientras que adquieres conocimiento para éxito en tu futuro. Aprende cómo poner y alcanzar tus metas, cómo crear y mantener relaciones saludables y fortalecer tu comunidad. Todos los participantes podrán recibir tarjetas de regalo y tendrán oportunidades para hacer horas comunitarias (SSL) durante el programa. Inscríbete antes del 15 de febrero.

Para inscribirse o para más información llamar a: Addison Coryell 301-820-5326 or Jennifer Garcia 301-820-5335.

NEW: Valentine's Day PTSA Fundraiser

Send a Valentine Flamingo!

Includes flamingo, note and a rose! $10

Delivered on Feb 13 or 14 in Germantown area.

Order before Feb 8. Contact 301-928-7075, pay by Venmo

(SVHS AfterProm fundraiser) #RT #SVHS2021 #SVHS2022 #SVHS2023 #SVHS2024 @sv.classof2022 @senecavalley_2023 @svhs.2021

@ptsa_seneca_valleyhs _valley

REPEAT: TENTATIVE Graduation Date and Location

Our 2021 commencement ceremony is TENTATIVELY scheduled for Monday, June 14, at 2:30 p.m. at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. Please note that this date is tentative pending finalization of contracts with the graduation venues, as well as COVID-19 health and safety metrics within Montgomery County and the local government authorities associated with the graduation venues. As more information is communicated, we will continue to update the community.

REPEAT: Winter Virtual Play

Tickets are now on sale for Seneca's first ever virtual winter play, Almost, Maine! Visit for the ticket link.

The premiere and viewing party will be held on February 5 at 7pm. The link will be available for viewing February 5 until February 14. Ticket prices are "pay what you can".

The recommended donation is $5 per anticipated view per person, but if you are able to give more please do. We are grateful for your generosity as it allows us to provide our students with wonderful opportunities.

If you would like to donate your chosen ticket price by cash or check, or are unable to donate at this time but would still like link access, please email

We can't wait to welcome you to Almost.

REPEAT: "Let's Talk Careers" Forums

The next two episodes of Let’s Talk Careers sessions are on Wednesday, January 27th and February 3rd both from 10-11:30am!

The January 27th Bioscience session will feature speakers, including: Dr. Gavin Imperato from the United States Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Stephanie Chung from the National Health Institute, Dr. Katharina Maisel from University of Maryland and Mr. Aubrey Watkins from Emergent Biosolutions.

The February 3rd Arts & Entertainment session will feature a comedian and actor, a violinist and an actor/singer/songwriter: Lewis Black, Brian King Joseph and Tatiana Wechsler.

Students can submit questions prior to the sessions here and live through YouTube chat. Students and staff can watch here or on MCPS-TV (Comcast 34, Verizon 36 and RCN 89).

We are hoping to get as many secondary students as possible to tune in and submit questions in advance for both sessions.

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For spirit wear purchases:

Seneca Valley Online SPIRIT WEAR!!!

Seneca Valley is excited to offer online sales of the spirit wear we used to sell on-site (and more!) through our local vendor, VerTee Shirts. Check it out!

VerTee Shirts: (T-shirts, sweatshirts, lounge pants, fleece jackets, and masks)

SVHS Spirit Wear can also be purchased at the following sites.

Squad Locker:


Want a SVHS License Plate? Please visit the School website for details.

REMINDER: Counselor LIVE Chat

Counselors are now available for live chat sessions EVERYDAY via Zoom. Please use your student's sign in credentials to access the session. Click HERE to access counselor's availability. *Please note that you may be required to wait briefly in the waiting room while the counselor is meeting with another parent and/or student."

REPEAT: Gradebook Symbols and their Meaning

WIth interims that just were released, it is important to remind parents/families of what some symbols in ParentVue and StudentVue represent. Please see below some important examples of these symbols.

  • A "0" means:
    • That assignment can no longer be made up.
    • That assignment does NOT show up as a missing assignment.
    • There has been two-way communication regarding the fact that the assignment was never completed.
  • The letter "z" or "Missing" in the comments menu means:
    • That assignment CAN still be made up.
    • That assignment calculates in the final grade as a zero until it is made up.
    • That assignment shows up as a RED MISSING in parent and student Vues.
  • An assignment left BLANK means:
    • The assignment does NOT get reported as missing.
    • The assignment does NOT show up in the student or parent Vues at all.
    • The assignment is not weighted in the student's grade at all.

REPEAT: Ask your Librarian" Zoom Office Hours

  • Do you need help troubleshooting a tech problem?
  • Are you looking for a good book to read?
  • Do you need help with research for a class assignment?
  • Are you confused about APA or MLA styles for citing sources?
  • Could you use an extra set of eyes to look at your EE, IA, or college essay?
  • Do you just want to drop by to say "Hi"? 👋

Ms. Little, our school library media specialist, hosts weekly Zoom Office Hours to support students with all of the above and more! She has “drop in” office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-3:30 pm and Wednesdays from 12:00 - 1:30 pm, and is also available by appointment. The link for the Zoom and more information are available in the Virtual Library Media Center in myMCPS Classroom/Canvas.

REPEAT: Technology Reminders for SVHS Students

Do you need a Chromebook?

If you do not currently have an MCPS Chromebook and would like one so that you can participate and engage in your classes, please call the main office at 240-740-6400 or email Mr. Johnson, our Media Services Technician, at We will make arrangements for you to pick one up at school. When picking up your Chromebook, please arrive prepared with your student ID# and don’t forget to wear a mask.

Do you need to replace a broken Chromebook?

If your MCPS Chromebook is not working, you will need to take the broken device to 45 W. Gude Drive in Rockville for a replacement. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. No appointment is necessary. Effective 11/11/20, distribution moved to the left side of the building - look for the black gate between the loading dock and reserved parking spaces. Arrive prepared with your student ID# and don’t forget to wear a mask.

Do you need a MiFi for Internet Access?

Ask a SVHS staff member to request a MiFi on behalf of a student. Once approved, the MiFi will be delivered to SVHS and a staff member will contact the family to make arrangements to pick up the device at the school. Parents/guardians will need to sign a permission form (English|español) when picking up the device. Directions for setting up the device are available in English and español.

Do you need tech support?

Please email Community Tech Support at or call 240-740-7020 or 240-740-7022 between 7am - 8pm, M-F. NOTE: Seneca’s own ITSS, Mr. Josh Dillow, answers calls placed to 240-740-7022 between 5:30-8:00pm M-F.

REPEAT: Dual Enrollment Registration for Spring Term is underway!

Is your student interested in taking Montgomery College courses for credit while they're in high school? Registration for spring term Montgomery College courses through Dual Enrollment is currently underway and classes are filling up. Current Dual Enrollment students should login to their Dual Enroll account to register for their classes. Interested prospective students or families who have questions should contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Mr. Yarmus, at

REPEAT: Who do I go to for help?

If you need assistance or support with anything leading up to the school year or once virtual learning has begun, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the following staff. They are here to support you in any way they can.

Main Office Telephone Number: 240-740-6400 (This is a new number)

Student Support

Ms. Crawford

  • Social Emotional Support - Students with last names beginning with A - C
  • Class Support - Class of 2022

Mr. Davidson (Ms. Rahmati)- Long Term Substitute until Semester 2)

  • Social Emotional Support - Students with last names beginning with D - J
  • Class Support - Class of 2021

Mr. Smith

  • Social Emotional Support - Students with last names beginning with K - P
  • Class Support - Class of 2024


  • Social Emotional Support - Students with last names beginning with Q - Z
  • Class Support - Class of 2023

Ms. Riddick

  • Business, Finance, and Operations

Counselor Student Support Assignments

Counseling Website

Counseling Telephone Number: 240-740-6420

Ms. Fellows - Students with last names beginning with A - Card

Ms. Patel - Students with last names beginning with Cardi - Del Mar

Ms. Murray - Students with last names beginning with Del Pilar - F

Ms. McCarthy - Students with last names beginning with G - King, C.

Mr. Matthews - Students with last names beginning with King, D. - Nunez Enriquez

Ms. Teixeira - Students with last names beginning with Nunez Rodriguez - Shad

Mr. Yarmus - Students with last names beginning with Shah - Z

Ms. Rina Chaves ESOL Transition Counselor

Ms. Rosa Santos ESOL Parent Community Coordinator

Ms. Rogena Parrish Secretary

Ms. Linda McCabe Registrar

Mr. Carlos Nalda College-Career Information Coordinator

Mrs. Margaret Drew School Psychologist

Mr. Tony Maturana Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)

Mr. Daryn Moore Aces Coach (11th-12th grade)

Class Sponsors

Class of 2024 - Freshman Class

Class of 2023 - Sophomore Class

Class of 2022- Junior Class

Class of 2021 - Senior Class

REPEAT: Wellness Resources

The safety and wellness of our students remains a top priority. Below are resources to support the physical, social and psychological well-being of our community. If you believe your child is in crisis, please contact the Montgomery County Crisis Center at 240-777-4000. Students can also reach out to their counselor and school psychologist to set up a confidential appointment.

Waymaking Video Series

Mindful Moments Video Series
Tips on Addressing Student Grief
Tips for Preventing Youth Suicide

REPEAT: Community Resources

Below is information regarding food/grocery access beyond the MCPS school meal sites:

Food Assistance Resource Map: The Montgomery County Food Council created an interactive map of food assistance providers and benefits application assistance sites in Montgomery County. It is searchable by location, food assistance type, accessibility and many other special features. This resource can give principals and families a quick view of local resources in their area. The information indicates where, when and how to access the resources. **We would caution parents and staff supporting parents to pay particular attention to how one qualifies to access food as some sites state requirements.

Weekend Bag Program: MCPS, Manna Food Center, and Women Who Care Ministries are distributing weekend backpacks with groceries to the families of MCPS students each Friday. The location of distribution sites and times are listed at the bottom of the webpage.













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