By: Jack Teeter

Crime committed:

Asta's son snuck into the manor and stole valuable money. He is declared a wolf's head and anyone may kill him. No peasant should ever sneak into the manor like that. That is a huge crime. Because of this crime we want him dead. John Aycliffe is the one who witnessed this act and he made Asta's son a wolf's head. If I were you i'd start looking for Asta's son.


Wolf's Head

John Aycliffe has declared Asta's son as a wolf's head. He is wanted dead or alive. The reward will be 20 shillings for anyone that can capture/kill him. He was last seen at the village next to his house. If you have Asta's son, return him to the manor to claim your reward. We will have meetings at the church to make strategies to find this boy. We have already started looking.