All About Silicon!

All you need to know about the element, Silicon!

Bridget Norris, Andrea Hernandez, & Marisa Overturf

Starter Facts On Silicon!

Atomic Number? The Atomic Number for Silicon is 14.

Mass Number? Silicon's Mass Number is 28.086.

Element Symbol? The element symbol for Silicon that appears on the Periodic Table is Si.

Atoms Within Silicon

Protons? The number of Protons in an element atom is the same number as its Atomic Number, which in Silicon's case would be 14.

Neutrons? To get the number of Neutrons in an element atom you must use this equation: Mass Number - Atomic Number/ Number of Protons = Number of Neutrons. SO with Silicon you would do 28 - 14 = 14 Neutrons.

Electrons? The number of Electrons in an element atom is the same number as its Protons, so that means that Silicon has 14 Electrons.

Valance Electrons? Valance Electrons are the number of electrons that are located on the outer ring of the atom. Silicon has 4 Valance Electrons, meaning that is is reactive.

Silicon on the Periodic Table of Elements

Period? The Periods on the Periodic Table of Elements go from side to side. Silicon is located on Period 3 on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Group? The Groups on the Periodic Table of Elements go up to down. Silicon is located on Group 14 on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Metal, Metalloid, or Non-Metal? Silicon is a Metalloid, meaning it has the characteristics of both Metal and Non-Metals. This also means that Silicon is located along the staircase on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Silicon in real life

Where is it found? Silicon is found EVERYWHERE, but you will not be able to find it by itself in nature! Silicon is usually found bound to other elements. Silicon makes up 25.7% of the Earth's Crust, and it is the second most abundant element in the world surpassed only by Oxygen.

What is it used for? Silicon is used to make Construction Materials, Ceramics, Computer Chips, and Glass. You can also find Silicon in Rocks and Sand, and in your Skeletal System!

Interesting things about silicon

2 Elements similar to Silicon? Carbon, their electrons are arranged in a similar way. Geranium also has its electrons arranged in a similar way to Silicon and Carbon.

Interesting facts about Silicon? Silicon was officially discovered in 1824 by a scientist named Jacob Berzelius. Silicon's melting point is 2,577 degrees Fahrenheit (1,141 degrees Celsius) and its boiling point is 5,909 degrees Fahrenheit (3,265 degrees Celsius). Silicon is a solid at room temperature. Silicon has a disease named after it called Silicosis, it is a lung disease caused by inhaling Silicon for long periods of time.