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Region 17 Corporate Sponsor for 2015-2016

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Benchmarks and Deadlines

Pretest Total=(3 hours)

May 16th 1:00-4:00

Summer Institute Completion: Total= (50 Hours)

By the end of July 13th the Summer Institute must be complete (47 hours)

Book Study Completed by August 31st (12 Hours)
Fall Benchmark: Total= (62 Hours)

Sept. 30th have 2 workshops completed (12 hours) and complete the data center student data.

Mid-Year Benchmark: Total= (74 PD Hours and 6 Mentoring Hours) 80 Hours

Dec. 1st have 4 workshops completed (12 more hours) and 6 fall mentoring hours due

Spring Benchmark: Total=(92 Hours)

April 5th have 6 workshops completed (12 more hours)

Post Test: Total= (95 PD Hours and 6 Mentoring Hours) 101 Hours

May 15th 9:00-12:00 post test and spring mentoring hours are due

May Deadline:

May 19th have 100 hours complete including 12 mentor hours.

Presentation Deadline:

The Curriculum Share-A-Thon is the last opportunity to present in June 2017.

Mentor Portal

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Book Study Deadline

August 31st

*If you missed the deadline you are ineligible for the fall reward. You must complete the book study before the Mid-year benchmark or your grant status will be affected.

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2016-2017 TRC Directory

STM Picture Directory

Approved Online Training for the 2016-2017 Year

NSTA Scipacks: (only 1 Scipack may be completed by each mentor) 10 hours

Plate Tectonics

Earth's Changing Surface

Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate

*Contact Michelle to gain access to the Scipacks

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Presentation Opportunities

#1 June 2017 Curriculum Share-A-Thon

Reserve a spot starting in December 2016.

#2 August Back to School Conference 2017

#3 July 26-27, 2016 Panhandle Math and Science Conference

#4 CAST or TRC Conferences

*Registration is covered for CAST Presenters

*TRC Conference is paid in full (Limited Spots Available) Reserve your spot starting in December 2016.

#5 District Presentation

You can present for your district if all K-12 science teachers are invited to attend. Your idea must be pre-approved by Michelle and a description as well as sign in sheet must be turned into Michelle to upload into the system.

Needed Forms for 2016-2017

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Grant Partners for 2016-2017