Hover Car

The Coolest Car on Earth!!!

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What is a Hover Car?

The Hover Car is a car with huge engine with fast boost on the back of the car. The highest boost is about 500 kilometer. Its goes about 500 kilometer an hour! It takes about 10 minutes to be charged! The wheels will come out of the car to make the car even faster! The Hover Car cost 100,00 USD. About 2 days not to charge your car with fuels!!!

What is a boost?

A boost is to increased your car's speed to make it fast or slow. The pipe behind the Hover Car is kind of big and it takes about 5 second to increase your speed of 500 kilometer. Even it is very fast, it is very save, the seat belt saves you.
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Inside of the Hover Car

This is the inside of the Hover Car. It kind of looks weird, but actually it looks very cool!!! There is a button which makes the car float and goes back down to the ground.