Run for your life!!!

The tsunami

A tsunami is like a hurricane but worse. It is caused by a major underground earthquake. They can destroy an entire costal village and remove all the sand from the beach. The way it does that is when the waves crash on the beach, it pulls all the loose sand from the beach and pulls it out to sea and drops it there. The worst tsunami ever recorded is the Indian Ocean Tsunami. It happened on December 26, 2004. It took place on the West coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The reason it happened is a 9.0 earthquake happened underwater and caused the worst tsunami ever recorded. It was so bad that by the end of the day 150,000 people were dead or missing and millions more were homeless. Tsunamis are one of the worst natural disaters in the world. The way to try to escape a tsunami is get someplace high of the groung or undergrond. Those are the safest places to go during a tsunami. But be sure to never be in one.