Watt swatted Wendeys watermelon

child hood

Watt Was born march 22 1989 .His parent names where John and Connie he was born in Pewakee Wisconsin he was a pizza and he play hokey track and baseball

how J.J.watt got into his sport

The Texans drafted Watt in the first round.He played sports when he was a kid that would help in the NFL.he trained for the NFL. he was famous in collage football.

sport info

J.J.watt lead the Texans to the superbowl 3 times.He played for Wisconsin in collage. he was one of the best players on his team.

description of J.J.Watt

Watt DE in the NFL and a TE in collage.He plays on the Huston Texans.J.J.Watt is the best DE in the world. he got 4.84 in a 40 yard dash.

J.J.Watts accomplishments

Watt has the most sacks in NFL history he had 20.5 in 2012. he became a NFL star. HE received a scholarship from Michigan university.His nickname was in collage was the Wisconsin scout team player of the year

Extra info

Watts number was 99.He weights 290 lbs.He plays on the Texans . he got a lot of rewards in the NFL
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JJ Watt returns Andrew Luck's Fumble and scores touchdown vs Colts 10 9 14 [MUST SEE]