Water & Ocean Ecosystems

By. Caleb Sifuentes

We can prevent littering

Over 1. 9 billion tons of litter ends up in the ocean every year. We can prevent that by recycling plastics, metals, cardboard etc.

Artifical Reefs

Due to dead zones and pollution we must help of oceans by providing artificial reefs. The reefs provide a home for the sea creature that live in the ocean.

Air pollution

Air pollution has particles that contaminate the environment that we live in. The pollution is caused by manufacturing companies all over the world. We can prevent this by not using


Overfishing is causing breeds of fish to go extinct. One way we can prevent this is by fishing during certain season instead of all year round.

Dead Zones

Dead Zones are found all over the world due to pollution in the water. We can prevent this by picking up are trash and not littering in our watersheds

Lets save our world