By Ethan Wells

What region of Texas did they live in?

Jumanos lived in the Mountains and Basins.

How was there food obtained?

Jumanos used Bows and arrows they also farmed

What type of house did they live in?

Jumanos lived in two or three story house made of mud bricks and straw.

Weapons/or tools used

they used bows and arrows and house to get buffalo

Special traditions they had and/ or Religion

Jumanos tattoo to tell what they did. Warriors became hero. men would shave off all of there hair except one part in the middle of there head.

Organization of Leadership

They lived in band which is made up of family members.

Where are they located now or what became of them?

Jumanos Lived in the mountains along the rio grande.

Unique Fact or characteristic?

They killed buffalo and used all of it in great ways.