Football Pop Warner

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Football is a privilege!

You should focus on the sports and if you get hurt that is your fault because, you wanted to play that sport. Football is really hard . It is a privilege to play football it will take a lot of time to be good. Most kids are 6 and over who play football. Most of the people who play football are somewhat good. Pop Warner is really good and he sometimes gets hurt not all the time.

Getting Hurt

When kids get hurt they are supposed to hit the right way. Most kids get concussions from not fallowing the way to tackle another person by using there head or they use there shoulder to hit another person.

Football as a kid!

Most of the kids that play football are hard workers. The groups are 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 and more groups. These kids that risk their life on playing football are hard workers. Pop Warner is one of the best kids in NYFL he is beast. It's one of the hardest sports to play. You should be able to play football at any age.

Football is top best

Football is the most liked sport