Welcome Amigos Mamas & Papas

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break PlayDates

Hosted by the Salamanca Family ~

In an effort to keep our children in the Spanish Groove and for us parents to maintain a level of sanity. . . you are invited to the two follow PlayDates.

PlayDate #1

Tuesday, April 8

10:30 - 12:30pm

Movie Showing: Frozen (en espanol)

For the Grownups: Healthy Eating Party

We will be blending up healthy, nutritious, & delicious drinks. Discussing clean nutrition and how we can incorporate all of the above into our daily lives & the bellies of our loved ones.

PlayDate A

Thursday, April 10


Movie Showing: Planes (en espanol)

For the Grownups: Healthy Eating Party (see above for details) AND protecting our skin from the largest star in our universe (the sun).

Shall We Save You A Seat ?

Please RSVP to:


415.606.3164 (call / text / vm)

Let us know which PlayDate (or both) to save you a seat at.

Tuesday - April 8th @ 10:30am

Thursday - April 10th @ 2:30pm