Come to Spring Reading PD!

a joint professional learning experience between CWM and DLL

What can I expect from this professional development?

Reading PD will be on April 4th, April 11th, April 18th, and April 25th. All sessions will be held at Donna Lee Loflin in room 104 from 3:00-4:00. Descriptions of each session are below.

In addition to one hour of in-class work each week, homework will be assigned and will be differentiated based on the needs and interests of participants. Participants can earn up to .8 CEUs for attending all sessions and completing all homework. You can attend as many or as few sessions as you wish. Click on the link at the bottom of this flyer to sign up for the sessions you would like to attend. Please sign up by March 24th before you leave for Spring Break. You will then be entered as a student in the Canvas course, which will house the homework and discussion boards.

Session Overviews

April 4th- Comprehension

We will explore how to help students to understand and remember what they read, and to be able to talk to others about their reading. We will be reading part of the book, I Read It But I Don’t Get It, and discussing how to model thinking during shared reading. We will also discuss how to use Ghost Mode in Kahoot to help students monitor how much they have learned after reading, and we will discuss an engagement activity for teaching main idea.

April 11th- Fluency

We will explore the different components of fluency and practice using some of the Reading Foundations activities. We will learn how to analyze running records to maximize our impact on students, and we will explore the FCRR resources for intervention. We will also learn how to use technology to help students improve their fluency.

April 18th- Vocabulary

We will learn how to use the ExCELL strategies for teaching academic vocabulary. We will use resources from The Teaching Reading Sourcebook for ideas for vocabulary strategies. We will also learn how to use stop motion videos in teaching vocabulary, and we will discuss an engagement activity for reviewing vocabulary.

April 25th- Struggling Readers

We will learn strategies to support struggling readers. Phonemic awareness, phonics, and writing will be addressed.