Beautiful Carpet Cleaning

Making Your Carpet Clean and Green

Whether having children or pets at home, your carpet can be exposed to accumulating dirt and airborne particles. If you wish to use natural cleaning products instead of chemical substances, you can do so. Natural products are generally seen in the kitchen. These simple cleaning products can make your carpet fresh and free from stains.

Here are the natural cleaning products which can help you a lot:

Baking Soda

It is a dry leavening agent which is known to be the one of the inexpensive method in reinvigorating your carpet. You can apply this if you are dealing with baby or pet urines and dirt coming from the shoe soles. Scatter little amount of baking soda and let it sit down there overnight. On the next day, do vacuum it and put away the container as well as the dirt collected.

Corn Starch

A flour powdery product which is also cheap same as baking soda. This is a new way on how both air and your carpet can become fresh. Corn starch is the same as baking soda because it is also able to soak up foul odor. Hide the affected area by pouring cornstarch lightly. Leave it for a long time and afterwards vacuum it.

Borax, Salt and Vinegar

These natural products are normally use to deal with strong stains. Put all together 1/2 borax, 1/4 vinegar and 1/4 salt and place it in a bottle with spray. You can apply the solution on the affected area right after you shake it well, keep in mind not to saturate it. You have to use a small brush with short hair similar to toothbrush to scrub the stain properly. Sometimes you need to do this step many times just to permanently remove the stain. Before vacuuming and putting back the furnitures, you have to make sure that it is thoroughly dry.

Club Soda

A water that has carbon dioxide as its component which is also necessary in removing stains. Use this substance straight from its bottle to the stained area using a clean white cloth by blotting method. Just keep on adding club soda until the stain is completely saturated and removed. Blot the area once more with fresh water, allow it to dry well prior to vacuuming and putting the furnishings again.

Just perform these steps whenever you desire to refresh your carpet using natural products. In case you are seeking for a reputable company who provides carpet cleaning services, you can visit here BeautifulCarpetCleaningIndianaAnderson!