Mrs. Stotts you're the best

By Riley Boebroom

Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Beethoven thought he was younger then he was because his dad announced he was 6 when he was really 7 1/2 at a concet.
  • He had his first music published when he was 12 years old.
  • Beethoven had always had an interest in music .
  • Beethoven was also deaf.
  • He was also born December 16th, 1770 and died March 28th, 1827.
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Bruce Pearson

  • He was a teacher at all kinds of schools for 30 years.
  • He was also honored for "most outstanding in the field of music".
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Turkish March

  • Turkish March is a very well known classical march song.
  • It was also written in 1809


Riley Boerboom

  • I love softball.
  • I love my dog a lot.
  • I really love food.
  • I also love music.
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This project is fun for me because it's not our basic everyday class. This project allows me to learn about other peoples lives. It also allows me to learn another amazing song.