The Road So Far

Hannah Witty


My name Is Hannah Patience Witty. I attend Harrison Jr. High and this is a flyer projecting information about myself.

Interests and Hobbies

My interests are fairly normal for someone of my age. They consist of TV shows and various campaigns. My hobbies are: Playing flute, reading, and drawing.

Brain Orientation and Personality Type

My brain orientation is the left side. Meaning physically I do things better with my right hand, etc etc. My personality type is ISTJ which generally means in a sense i'm introverted and I'm organized.

Values and Selfesteem

I value three main things those of which are: Religion, family, & my friends. My self esteem is average, I don't think i'm narcissistic but I don't think poorly of myself either.

Future Career and Information about Said Career

I'd like my future career to be somewhere in the field of teaching. I'm not sure what I want to teach yet, although i'm leaning more so towards English. I don't have any reason to want to be a teacher other than the fact I like helping people.

Lifestyle and Who I Am

My lifestyle is pretty laid back. i'm an organized person and I'm open minded. I'm not very social in fact I try to avoid it like the plague.

K*Nav Results and Recomended Suggestions from K*Nav

K*Nav results gave me many jobs I had no interest in. Most of which were centered around computers and fine arts. While I enjoy all of those I do not want them as job. The ones I did get are listed below:

1. Early Childhood Development and Services

2. Performing Arts

3. Audio and Video Technology and Film

4. Visual Arts

5. Teaching and Training