Mrs. Trout's Weekly News

January 25-29th

What a crazy start to our week:

Well thank goodness we all survived the storm! The Students wrote about and discussed the fun they had on their SNOW DAYS!!! We are also so excited to end our week playing in the snow today!! Be sure to check Twitter for pictures of our snow play!

The Students also did a fantastic job with our Kindness week! They truly embraced what it means to be kind. We read a variety of stories about what it means to be kind. The students complimented each other, made each other cards and seemed much more respectful!! Please continue to enforce this at home!!

Please read below to see what else we learned:

Language Arts: We read the animal fantasy book Farfallina and Marcel. We discussed the characters, setting and main idea of the story. We also discussed and wrote about how the characters were kind to each other and were the best of friends. We learned the new amazing words: cocoon, caterpillar, butterfly, gosling, goose and reflection. We also learned two new sight words: see and look. Students read different text with those words, used them in their speech and wrote sentences with those words. Students worked in their differentiated reading groups focusing on their comprehension skills. We discussed the main idea of each story. Students also worked in literacy centers on sight word writing, middle vowel sounds and word building.

Phonics: We focused on the vowel O. We discussed the 2 sounds that the letter O makes ( long and short). We brainstormed words that have the middle o sound, we wrote short and long o words in sentences.

Math: We learned about the value of a penny and dime. We explored the symbols of a penny and dime and learned what they mean. We practiced counting using these coins. We made piggy banks with our names on them and wrote what the value of each letter was in dimes. Example: Beth= 40 cents because I used 4 dimes.

Social Studies: We focused on being Kind!! We made compliment cards, wrote nice notes to friends and teachers and read about many different ways we can show kindness in and out of school!

Pictures of the week:

Reminders and upcoming events:

  • Don't forget to donate cans for the needy! We are excited for our "Souper Bowl" and need your help!
  • Conferences are next Wednesday and Thursday night! Don't forget to sign up to discuss your child's progress!
  • Next Friday dress in your favorite Football gear!
  • Don't forget to sign up to dine at Limoncello for our PAC dining night!!! A sign up was sent in our PAC e-mail!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!