iGIP Newsletter 10

Leaders of Generation Bold

Dear Gary and Vero,

I'm happy I finally got to meet the two of you last Sunday! I will be as brief as possible in this meeting so please read every point carefully.

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Amazing Race Plan

National Sales Recruitment

Member Performance

WARNING from Alumni Relations





Amazing Race Preparations

The amazing race pilot run will happen this Friday at the MC. Meli, Julio, Carlos, Fio and I will be going to Begonias to do a test run of the Amazing Race.

The Official start of the Amazing Race will be on NOVEMBER 21, 2013 (Thursday) from 2-5:30pm. Be prepared with your teams. Read the booklet I gave you!

Booklet: http://issuu.com/juliafullflightchu/docs/the_amazing_race


1. Announce this strategy to your entire LC and CREATE EXCITEMENT!

2. Form your group of 3-5

3. Prepare your calling cards

4. Prepare a camera for documentation

5. Assign a team leader


Support needed from you

As i told you during our last meeting, the MC will be running a national sales recruitment cycle that is profile-based. This means that I personally need your help to put together this team of national sellers. Can you and your members each invite two people who you think have high potential to be good sellers? This is all about head hunting :)

After we have finished training and selling with these 5 people, we will integrate them back to the LCs so this is an important initiative for you guys to support for building talent capacity.

Things to do:

1. Change your cover photo to The Calling

2. Invite 2 of your friends who you think would be good sellers and give them this letter: http://issuu.com/juliafullflightchu/docs/the_calling_invitation_letter

3. Tell me the names of the two people you recommended: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1f-ykmYku3HUrQkG5rbQkxDcSyXU3NtdTbrBn-I1InQs/viewform




Only Catolica had moving accounts from last week. We cannot keep up this kind of performance, Vero and Gary.

We have less than two months left. This is it! Last sprint. No day but today. What are you doing to improve the conversion rate of your members? To increase the number of meetings?



If you or any of your members are contacting alumni, you have to clear it with brian. Please email him at brian.savitzky@aiesec.net and cc me at julia.chu@aiesec.net so we can keep track of the alumni being contacted and for what product. This is the agreement that we have with A3P so please pay attention to this.



1. LC Analysis: During the session entitled WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS, i asked you guys to make an LC Analysis. Please send me this analysis in a document. Vero the outputs are with MaCla and Maria.

2. Network Analysis: This is the over-all analysis. Please send me your outputs as well.

3. Market Research: Insights from the market research, other points you want Julio to research on.

4. Local Plans: Based on all these 3 things, what are the changes in your local plans? Please send me your GANTT for the remaining two months.

5. Synergy Areas: What are your needs and points of synergy from the support function. Please identify every point so we can determine if we are going to provide that locally or nationally. (i.e. calling cards, proposals, etc.)

6. Inputs for training day for new members: sessions and facilitators

7. Date for team building

8. VERO: Match Like Never Before tracker (Deadline: ASAP)

DEADLINE: November 16, Saturday, 2:00am.

I need the inputs before our meeting on Saturday.


VP Meeting

Saturday, 9am-10am

MC Flat

DO NOT BE LATE. S./5 late fees.

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