The Roman Daily Prophet

By: Matt Brorman

The More You Know: Tiber River

The Tiber river is one of the longest rivers in Rome. It is about 250 miles long and can be 7 to 20 feet deep. It flows from the Appenines at Mount Fumaiolo through Rome and into the Tyrrhenian Sea at Ostia. The Tiber used to be called Albulula, but Tiberinus who was king of Alba Longa, drowned in it and they renamed it Tiberis.

My Plebeian Opinion

As a Plebeian I feel that the laws the Patricians make are unjust and unfair. They get all the advantages and we get all the disadvantages. The laws they make for us are harsh and any of their laws you can easily slip by. We are being treated like we are prisoners, unfair and unjust.

Vote Tidus for Tribune

Vote for Tidus. He is a strong leader and is very intelligent. He is the best for this because he will do whatever he can to help all of us, the patricians and the plebeians. He will serve us well for 1 year and help lead us toward greatness.

Julius Caesar Obituary

Julius was a great man. He lead us to greatness and will still be with us in his death. He helped this empire through so much, wars, intruders, and fought in many battles. He was a strong leader and helped so many of us. He was assassinated by his own friends. His friends thought that he had gained to much power, but really he had just earned our trust.
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Interview with Augustus

Interviewer: Did you ever think you would become an emperor?

Augustus: Yes, I have always desired it and have been striving for

Interviewer: Do you ever think about Julius?

Augustus: Yes, I always think about how successful he was and want to be like him.

Interviewer: Do you think you are a better leader than him?

Augustus: In some ways yes, but in other ways no.

Interviewer: Do you think you will ever be better than him in all ways?

Augustus: No, but I think I will be as good as him.

The Aqauducts

The aqueducts were used to carry water from the mountains to the cities. They made many jobs easier including agriculture and also aided baths and fountains. The aqueducts were very important to agriculture because you could move water faster and easier. They were also used as a sewer carrying waste.

Building in progress

The Pantheon is expected to be finished in five days time, due to all the rain. Please pray to the gods for good weather. You may not get in the Pantheon for about another month because we must set everything up. Please be patient with us and please do not get frustrated.

Vacation Spot

Come to Egypt for a great time. We have many attractions like pyramids and other buildings.

You can enjoy the all of the attractions and more. You can even explore the pyramids, even the pyramid of Giza.

Christian letter

I believe that Christianity should be allowed. People should be able to express their religion freely. I think that this religion does no harm, but instead it helps us. This could be our cure to all of our problems.

Barbarians attacking again?

Barbarians are attacking again in the east. They are threatening to take over a lot of our land. Please, if you can, fight them or if you live there retreat. We believe this is the work of the horrible Huns. We will work hard to stop the attacks, but we need your support.