AEA Strongsville Weekly Update

Week of October 22th, 2020

7th, 8th, and 9th Graders Return to School Oct. 29th!!! We can't Wait

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Welcome Back Middle and Highschool Students.

A reminder that AEA Strongsville, North Olmsted, and Lakewood 7th - 12th Grade students return to school for face to face learning on Thursday, Oct. 29th. Please make arrangements for students needing bussing. Strongsville families may contact the Strongsville School District Transportation Dept. and Berea families may contact AEA Strongsville Building Secretary Mrs. Brockman.


AEA Strongsville School Pictures will be taken Monday, November 2nd.

8:15am -9:15am is reserved for all virtual students who wish to come to school and have school pictures taken. School Pictures are not mandatory but encouraged. Students will be socially distanced. Parents will need to wait in their cars outside of school while your child/children go in to have pictures taken. Students will need to wear their masks until the time of their photograph and will follow our health check protocol before entering the building.

Pictures can be pre-paid with credit cards online at: Questions can be directed to Cavanaugh Photography by calling 440-973-4390.

Our current face to face students may also pre-order and pre-pay by using the information above. This is a safe and easy way to handle school pictures this year due to our safety regulation for COVID-19.

If you have questions about pictures and payment you may also call Mrs. Brockmann here at school.

Message from Mrs. Brockman, School Secretary

Hello AEA Families!!


All buses are running and we are doing well getting students on and off buses.

A special note for 7th - 9th Grader Parents: Please be sure to contact me for the Berea buses or the Strongsville School District Transportation Dept. for Strongsville residents to set up buses for Oct 29th when 7th -9th graders return to school.


Thank you all who worked so quickly to complete the needed paperwork and immunizations for this fall. We do need to remind you that ALL required Enrollment Forms and Important Documents are now PAST DUE. All required paperwork including the $50.00 Instructional Fee are past due. All updated Immunization records are also past due. There are, unfortunately no exceptions as to when these immunizations can be completed. According to the CDC, they are still due 15 days after the start of the School "year". We will allow this week, Oct. 5th - Oct. 9th for anyone still needing to complete these Immunizations or their child will not be allowed to attend Albert Einstein Classes and will be marked unexcused absent until they are completed and turned into our office.

Thank you,

Jennifer L. Brockman

Pronouns: She/Her

Administrative Assistant, Strongsville Campus

Phone (440)471-4982 Fax (440)617-6809

Our Schools continue to grow by referrals from our current families and students. Thank you for recommending AEA.

Information from Mr. Grossman, Acting Principal

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Cars and buses will enter the school grounds from Albion Rd.

Buses have priority and will be waved to the front of the car line stopping near the bus circle.

Students will use either the Blue Door (Main Door) or the Green Door (commonly called the Kindergarten Door) depending on which homeroom teacher they have.

Students should exit cars on the passenger side to avoid step in traffic patterns. They will line up distance and wait to have their temperatures taken and be sent to homeroom. Homeroom teachers will greet them at their classrooms.


Dismissal will be very similar, buses again will have the priority.

Cars will line up the same as arrival and students will be monitored to their cars. Staff will check with parents for student names or name and radio into school to have your student(s) come to the car.

Cars will exit as they do for drop off.


If a child needs picked up unexpectedly, you must call the school, then wait outside for the child to be escorted to you.

Visitors are not permitted in the school when students are here unless previously arranged and for special circumstances. THIS IS DIRECTED TO REDUCE THE RISK OF COVID SPREAD TO STUDENTS. THANK YOU.

Kickboard Leaderboard!

Please celebrate our leaders demonstrating positive behavior this past week!

1. Nicholas Fischer
2. Bruenor Burgess
3. Payton Crawford
4. Lillian Michalski
5. Gabriel Davis

Important Information

Tech & Chromebook Update, Health Checks Each Day

Chromebooks and Student Devices for Students RETURNING to Campus:


If you have borrowed a Chromebook from the school during remote learning, please make sure that it comes back to the school on your child(ren)'s first day back to school with the charger. Each borrowed Chromebook will be kept at the school and charged every evening. Your child(ren)'s name will be on the Chromebook and ONLY the student it is assigned to will be permitted to use it.

Personal Devices:

If your child(ren) have been using a non-AEA device, please make sure that they bring it to school each day, they will be required to bring it back home each day as well. Students using their own devices should charge them overnight to ensure they have enough battery for the school day to be used as needed.


Please return hotspots to the school in the bag in which they were provided to you. Students back on campus will not need the internet after school hours to complete assignments.

Chromebooks and Student Devices for Students NOT RETURNING to Campus:


Students continuing with the online platform will be permitted to keep their AEA issues Chromebooks and Chargers until the first semester is over. Those that elect to continue with online learning into the second semester will keep their Chromebooks for this time as well. Should you no longer need the Chromebook, please contact your principal to drop it off.


Students continuing with the online platform will be permitted to keep the AEA issued hotspots for the duration of their online learning. Should you no longer require them, please contact your principal to drop it off.


ALL staff and students must complete a daily health check prior to coming to school. A student or staff member should not come to school or remain at school if they display any of the following:

  • Signs or symptoms of a fever in the past 24 hours such as chills, sweat, felt feverish or had a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or greater

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath/ Difficulty breathing

  • Sore throat Nasal congestion/Runny nose

  • Body aches

  • New loss of taste and/or smell

  • Diarrhea/Nausea/Vomiting

  • Fatigue



Fall 2020 Updated Information Required

Halloween Costume Guidelines

Halloween Costumes

Friday, October 30, 2020

Students may dress on Halloween following these guidelines. All costumes will be checked at the door. Any student who chooses to wear unacceptable costumes/clothing on this day will not be permitted in the building

*Due to COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines, NO accessories of any kind may be brought to school as part of a student’s costume. This includes any items that would be carried into the building and are naturally part of the student’s clothing such as stuffed animals, blankets, hand-held props, etc.

  1. All students who choose to participate must wear their costume to school. Students will not be permitted to dress in the restrooms once they arrive.

  2. No face/body paint anywhere on the body.

  3. No costumes with references to drugs, alcohol, or inappropriate sayings.

  4. NO WEAPONS of any kind. This includes “fake” guns, knives, or ammunition such as bullets or shell casings. No Airsoft weapons or paraphernalia are allowed.

  5. Students must be appropriately covered. No undergarments may be showing. No short skirts or dresses and no midriff shirts of any kind. Any costumes that are sexually suggestive are not permitted.

  6. Students must be able to sit in their seat wearing the costume.

  7. Costumes discriminating against race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity are not permitted.

Thank you for following these guidelines to allow us to have a little bit of fun during these stressful times. We are committed to keeping your children safe but still enjoying school!

Steve Grossman, Acting Principal, AEA Strongsville Campus

School Office Hours

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Monday through Friday

If you are visiting us, you are required to wear a mask in the building. We are also taking temperatures prior to admittance. If you have an elevated temperature, you will be asked to leave. If you have questions about this policy please refer to the state guidelines.

Upcoming Information

Parent Teacher Conferences

Due to our COVID precautions, Parent Teacher Conferences will be held virtually through Zoom on Monday Nov. 23rd and Tuesday Nov. 24th from 5:00pm-8:00pm.

AEA Strongsville will use Sign Up Genius to schedule Parent Teacher Conferences. More details will be coming home soon.

Please mark you calendars.